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address: Naberezhna Peremohy, 40, Dnepr, 49094

tel .: +38 (056) 753-58-10

e-mail: [email protected]

The Department prepares specialists for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following fields of knowledge:

Branch of Knowledge: 13 Mechanical Engineering

Specialty: 131 Applied Mechanics

Educational program:

Machine Building Technology

Specialty: 133 Branch Engineering

Educational programs:

Equipment for chemical and building materials enterprises

Computer design and operation of equipment for polymeric materials processing

Computer design of industrial equipment

Students of the Department receive high-quality higher education, which corresponds to modern tendencies in mechanical engineering.

Graduates of the Department are beginning to work in the starting positions: a master, an engineer-mechanic, an engineer-technologist, an engineer-researcher.

Work is carried out on the development of cutting tools and technologies for inkjet and electroscope processing, the study of the influence of processing regimes on the structure and the chemical composition of surfaces of machine parts, design and technological preparation of production.

The educational process is also based on the widespread use of the latest scientific advances in the relevant fields of science and technology, various technical means and computer equipment. Teachers of the Department issued educational manuals with the MES stamp.

Students of the Department at the lessons on “Intellectual Property” in the Patent Department of the Regional Library.


Thanks for the participation

Students of the Department with PhD Kizhaiev S.O. and Head of the Department Mishchenko T.N.  



From March 12, 2018, the work of the expert commission on accreditation expertise of the educational-professional program Applied Mechanics on specialty 131 – “Applied Mechanics” on the first (Baccalaureate) level at State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology ” began in the composition of:

– chairman of the expert commission – Vitalii H. Panchuk, Head of the Department of Computerized Mechanical Engineering at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;

– member of the expert commission – Ihor O. Mikulionok, professor of the department of chemical, polymer and silicate engineering of NTUU “Kyiv Polytechnic University. Igor Sikorsky “, doctor of technical sciences.

Defence for Master’s Degree in 2018

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (Head of the Department, Prof. Sitar V.I.) of the Faculty of Mechanics (Dean Nachovny II) celebrates the graduation of the masters. This year 30 graduates of the Department will receive the diplomas of masters in two specialties: “Sectoral engineering” and “Applied mechanics”. According to the results of the defense of diploma works, 9 students will receive diplomas with distinction, 6 – recommended for postgraduate studies, 16 – recommended for implementation.

Graduate master’s degree papers were devoted to solving current problems of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics. The protection was on a high scientific and technical level. It should be noted that such students of the group 6-TM-8, as Kononenko O.S, Udovenko M.Yu., Shatniuk M.R. They have received some excellent marks for the full term of study in the magistracy and defended their master’s theses perfectly.

Representatives from such well-known companies as IT CRA LLC, TOPSTAR, MALBI FUDS, METALSERVICE LLC, who are potential employers, wanted to be noticed, were at the defense of the diplomas. Several graduates have actually received prestigious work.

Congratulations to our masters! We wish them to have a decent footprint in our Department and University, good earnings and quick career growth.

Associate Professor Mytrokhin O.A.

Ass. Anisimov V.V..

1st round of the Olympiad on Technology of Machine-Building

at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

December 7, 2017 The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics hosted the 1st round of the Olympiad on Technology of Mechanical Engineering, which was attended by students of various courses of the mechanical faculty. The members of the jury are appointed by experienced specialists in this area, namely the prof., Doc. tech Sciences Anisimov Volodymyr Mykolayevych, assistant professor, candidate. tech Sciences Mitrokhin Alexander Anatolievich, candidate. tech Sciences Anisimov Volodymyr Volodymyrovych. The chairman of the commission is the head of the department, prof. Sitar Vladimir I.

November 15, 2017, the Department of mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics, with the purpose of activating the employment of graduates of mechanical specialties, establishment of cooperation with enterprises, held “YARMAOK VACANCY-2017”. The Job Fair is an annual event that enables businesses to find professionals and present themselves as employers. For graduates – this is a chance to find work in leading companies. 12 companies took part in it, interested in attracting prospective students and young specialists to their respective countries.

Students and graduates of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering once again got an opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of companies, companies and organizations looking for employees, to hear firsthand about vacancies and open employment programs.

Among the companies and organizations that have taken part are such well-known companies as Millenium, Dnipropolimermash, Varius, Contact, DKT Group, Dnipropres, Speczstrument, Tekhmash LLC and others. .

It should be noted that the fair of vacancies from year to year is of great interest on the part of employers, and no less – on the part of students. And the high level of professionalism and creative approaches of our graduates to the solution of the tasks is evidenced by positive feedback from HR-managers of partner companies.

In 2017, the following enterprises took part in the Vacancies Fair:

1. Group of companies “Varius” – Deputy Director of Logistics Marina Mykolaievna MAZUR

2. PJSC “Dnipropetrovsk Rolling Rolling Plant” – leading design engineer Andriy Anatolyevich MAKHINYA

3. “DMZ” KOMINMET “Ltd. Deputy Director of the Department of Personnel Training Tamara G. PUDLA

4. Chocolate factory “MILLENIUM” – production director Dmytro Konstantinovich LEVCHENKO

5. PJSC “NPO Dnipropres” – the head of the personnel department Olga Petrovna Smirnova

6. PrAT VP TEKHMASH – the head of the personnel department Anastasia Sergeevna MIRONENKO

7. LLC NPF TOPSTAR – Director Igor Krupiy

8. DAZ aggregate plant – head of department of personnel training Lyudmila Gennadyivna LARIONOVA

9. PJSC “Dnipropolimermash” – personnel manager Tetyana Frankivna PANCHENKO

10. Persotravenskyi RMP – the chief engineer Sergey Mykolaevich Smirnov

11. DITC “CONTACT” – specialist of the sales department THERMAL Artem Anatolievich, manager BUTOVA Julia Georgievna

12 UKRSPETSNALADKA – Executive Director Vyacheslav Oleksandrovych SAVELIEV