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Museum of History

Welcome to the Museum of History of SHEI USUCT!

From the new academic year, the University corridors are filled with students. The freshmen get acquainted with the University, which will be their home for the whole five years. Here starts the first acquaintance with the history of the University. We have a good tradition: the Museum of History of the University opens its doors for freshmen. Students learn a lot of interesting things during the tour in the past. Now let’s just tell about the Museum.

The Museum of History of SHEI USUCT was founded in 1978. Nine years later, it was awarded the title “People’s Museum”. After all, it actively promotes Chimtech – a high school in the city of Dnipro, the history of our region among students, schoolchildren and guests of our University.

More than 2,500 exhibits are collected in the museum’s exposition, three of which are part of the museum fund of Ukraine.

The whole museum exposition is divided into 4 periods:
1930-1941. – University establishment and pre-war period;
1941-1945 – University during the 2nd World War;
1945-1991 – Postwar reconstruction and Soviet period;
1991 to our time – the modern period of development of the University.

Yevdokiia Hryhorivna Shchipitsina founded our museum and unchanged it as a director until 1993. She was a professional with a capital letter. Since 1993, the museum was headed by Olena Ivanivna Shokha.

 Since 2013, Maryna Demidko heads the museum. She founded the volunteer student group «Search», which helps to collect material on the history of the faculties.