Приймальна комісія: тел: +38 (056) 746-27-21 , +38 (096) 651-73-94 udhtu@udhtu.edu.ua
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address: room 452, ave. Gagarin, 8, the city of Dnipro, 49005

tel .: +38 (0562) 47-04-24

e-mail: philosophy@udhtu.edu.ua

address: room 425, ave. Gagarin, 8, the city of Dnipro, 49005

tel .: +38 (0562) 47-05-83

e-mail: ukr_studies@udhtu.edu.ua

Six highly skilled specialists: 4 associate professors, 2 teachers. Training auxiliary staff – 2 engineers of the first category.

The head of the Department is Anatolii Hryhorovych Chichkov, candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor.

Disciplines taught to the students:


  • Philosophy
  • History of Ukrainian Culture
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


  • Logic
  • Business ethics
  • Ethics of business relations
  • Politology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Religious studies
  • Religious Studies and Philosophical Anthropology

Disciplines taught to masters

  • Psychology and pedagogy of higher education, teaching methods in higher education
  • Methodology and psychology of teaching of professional disciplines.
  • Social responsibility

Disciplines taught to postgraduate students

  • Philosophy

There is a classroom of social and political sciences at the Department, which provides use of scientific and methodological literature for the study of humanities. The head of the cabinet is Irina Sitchenko. Auxiliary staff – 2 engineers of the first category: Zalyubovskaya Lyudmila Leonidovna, Lutsenko Lyubov Yurievna.

Teachers of the Department take an active part in research work, public life of the university.

Staff of the Department

Achievements of the Department:

The Department of Ukrainian Studies is a general department, provides future chemistry specialists with knowledge of Ukrainian studies disciplines, is engaged in national-patriotic education of student youth.

The staff of the Department consists of six persons: three associate professors, two lecturers, and technician.

The Department provides disciplines:

  • History of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian language in professional direction
  • Ukrainian as a Foreign Language

The teachers of the Department take an active part in research work, public life of the university, study local studies, coordinate measures on national-patriotic education.

Collective of the Department of Ukrainian Studies

(from left to right: teacher Smahlii I.V., technician Yepik O.G., associate professor Borisov V.L., associate professor Kulakevych L.M., professor Kolisnik G.M., associate professor Kovaleva N.A. )

Award of the Department for winning the university competition