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University Today

SHEI Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology is:
  • the only specialized multidisciplinary powerful state university, which since 1930 has prepared more than 60,000 highly skilled professionals;
  • More than 60 professors and doctors of science and 200 candidates of science; –
  • 1stplace among Ukrainian technical universities in the international scientific metric database Scopus, 3nd – in the region and 15th among 202 universities in Ukraine;
  • 5 faculties, 9 academic buildings, almost 122,000 m2of training and support facilities;
  • Modern sports center hosts international competitions in volleyball (Cup of the President), handball, badminton, etc. It is a home for athletes in 16 kinds of sports;
  • Sports summer camp The Oak Grove;
  • Our students are world and European champions in boat racing, national champions in handball and badminton;
  • 5 dormitories;
  • Library with 770,000 copies of educational, scientific and literary works;
  • Free Internet access (Wi-Fi) in buildings and dormitories;
  • International cooperation programs allow students to study at universities of France, Norway, Poland and others;
  • Additional educational services in foreign languages and computer training;
  • The best Student Club in the city (since 2014 we have twice received the highest award in the contest among HEIs the Student Spring: in 2014 and in 2017);
  • The best Student Committee (first among regional educational institutions).