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The research work of the department of mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics is carried out in accordance with the theme “Intensification of operating modes of chemical equipment, increasing its reliability and developing new composite materials for friction and sealing units”.

The main scientific directions of the department of mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics are formed on the basis of research works, which were carried out under the guidance of former heads of the department, associate professor Mamon LI, professor Ploshenko I.G. and dedicated to increasing the reliability, durability and efficient operation of equipment that works in environments with increased aggressiveness and wear.

On the basis of OJSC “Dniproshina” professor Naumenko O.P. large-scale works are underway to develop materials, methods, devices for the manufacture of products based on elastomeric composite materials, mainly tire profile. As a result, only 28 articles and abstracts have been published in the last five years, 6 monographs have been published, 36 patents have been received. With the participation of professor Naumenko O.P. 27 national standards, 23 interstate standards, 7 military standard appendixes, 9 industry standards were developed.

Since 2002, the Department fruitfully cooperates with scientists of the Research Institute of Technology and Plastics Processing Equipment (NIITOPP) at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (PUKHT, Beijing, PRC). Professor Kuziaiev I.M. is the head of the project. During this period, research was carried out in the field of modeling and design of extrusion equipment, samples of a new type of equipment – centrifugal extruders – were created.

At the Department under the guidance of prof. Sitar V.I., a scientific school was created that works on the research, development and introduction of new technologies and new materials in industry and national economy of Ukraine, including composite (metal-polymer) and nanostructural ones.


In accordance with the direction of scientific activity of the Department, a project on the “Development of heat-resistant nanocomposite materials for tribotechnical purposes for heavy-loaded units of equipment” was sent to the Ukrainian Scientific and Technological Center (STCU) in cooperation with the Design Bureau “Southern” (Dnipropetrovsk).

Together with the Sumy Scientific and Technological Center, the Department works on the development and introduction into the industry of composite polymer materials for movable seals of high pressure compressors are carried out.

Assistant professors Dudka A.M. and Nachovnyi I.I. carry out the research of optimum modes of work of units of friction and sealing of chemical machines and devices. New high-performance designs of end seals and metal-polymer bearing bearings for main oil pump units were designed. These knots are characterized by high durability and technology. The study of lubricating properties of high-performance additives for industrial lubricants and ZOR is also carried out.

Prof. Anisimov V.M. and ass. Chuprina O.L. work on the development of cutting tools and technologies of electro-electric and electroscope processing, the study of the influence of processing regimes on the structure and the chemical composition of surfaces of machine parts. As a result of the work, they created experimental industrial plants, which can be used both in the current machine-building industry and in the educational process.

In general, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics maintains creative relationships with leading machine-building enterprises of Ukraine, such as NPO Yuzhmash, Pavlogradhimmash OJSC, Dneprovagazhmash OJSC, Polymermash OJSC, Dniproavizbummash OJSC, Dniproshina JSC, etc. .

During the period from 2008-2015, state-funded research work was carried out with the involvement of 3-5-year students. The result of such cooperation is the annual defense of diploma research works, participation of students in international conferences of young scientists, postgraduates and students. Students constantly participate in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Engineering Technology and take seats among the participants in the first half.

In 2011, associate professor Kuziaiev I.M. defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Heat-mass exchange processes and development of equipment for high-speed extrusion of polymers”.

In 2014, the doctoral thesis for the doctor’s degree was defended by Associate Professor Anisimov V.M. on a theme “Scientific and technical bases of development of polymeric compositions of tribotechnical appointment from modified thermoplastic materials”.

In 2015, the head of the Department Sitar V.I. received the title of Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

The defense of candidate’s dissertations at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics was conducted in 2009 (Kabat O.S.), 2011 (Stolpnik O.V.), 2015 (Lobodenko AV, Klymenko AV).

Associate professor Nachovnyi I.I. was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Order dated May 13, 2009 No. 290-k.

Associate professor Sitar V.I. was awarded the breastplate “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” for many years of diligent work, consistent pedagogical activity and personal contribution to the development of education and science of Ukraine, order from 25.06.2010 № 252-k.

Associate professor Dudka A.M. was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Order from 25.06.2010 № 252-k.

Prof. Kuziaiev I.M. was awarded with the Diploma of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of SHEI USUCT for personal contribution to the training of highly skilled specialists and scientific personnel, honest work and professionalism. Order No. P-222101 3-10 from 2011.

Ph.D. Kabat O.S. received a grant for research work at the regional contest of projects “Young Scientists of Dnipropetrovsk region – 2010” in the amount of 50 000 UAH.

Dudka A.M. is a scientist secretary and Sitar V.I. is a member of the Council of the SHEI USUCT on the scientific direction “Development of technologies, equipment and control systems in chemical engineering; Material Science of Coatings and Composites “.

Under the direction of associate professor Mitrokhin OA, Assoc. Kabat O. S., Assoc. Chupryna O.L., students Anisimov V.V., Kushch I.K., Marchenko D.A.were awarded the honorary distinctions of the Organizing Committee of the International Conferences of Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Students for their contributions to the theory and practice of scientific research. These students were also repeated winners in the category of CAD-TM and were awarded with certificates of software of firm ASKON KOMPAS-3D and SAPR TP “VERTICAL” with a free upgrade for the department of chemish.

An important direction of international cooperation of the scientists of the Department is their participation in international conferences:

– The Seventh International Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposium. 13-18 April 2008. Spiez, Switzerland.

– Advanced Research Workshop “Counteraction to Chemical and Biological Terrorism at the National and Local Level in the East European Countries” October 14-17, 2008. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

– VII International Scientific and Technical Conference “Improving the Quality, Reliability and Longevity of Technical Systems and Technological Processes”. December 7-14, 2008 Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

– The Fifth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism. Cavtat, Croatia, 05-10 April 2009.

– III International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Advances in Science and Education”, September 16-23, 2009, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

– Valdor 2009, 8-11 June, Stockholm, Sweden.

– Symposium with International Participation “Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualities. 27-28 April 2009, Military Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

– IV International scientific and technical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists “Chemistry and modern technologies”. April 22-24, 2009 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

– International Scientific Conference “Physics of Impulse Discharges in Condensed Matter”, August 17-21, 2009 Nikolaev, Ukraine.

– International Conference “Security Management and Society CATE 2009”. 6-7 May 2009. Brno, Czech Republic.

– The Eighth International Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposium, 2 -7 May 2010 in Spiez, Switzerland.

– The Fifth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism. Cavtat, Croatia, 05-10 April 2009.

– IV International scientific conference “Contemporary achievements in science and education” (September 11-18, 2010): Collection of works of the conference. – Budva, Montenegro, 2010.

– NATO ARW “Environmental and food security and safety in the Southeast Europe and Ukraine” May 16 – 19, 2011, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

– VI International Scientific Students Conference “Trans-Mech-Art-Chem” – Radom. Polska – 2009

– X Internftional Symposium INTERTRIBO 2009, High Tatras – Stara Lesna, Slovak Republic.

– IVth International scientific practical conf. “Efficiency of Cell Constructions in Aviation and Space Products”: HONEYCOMB. – Dnipropetrovsk: Ukraine .. – 2011.

– Mathematical problems of technical mechanics: XI International. scientific Conf., April 13-15, 2011 – Dnipropetrovsk: ITM NAS of Ukraine.

– 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Education and Science 21st Century”, 2010, Sofia.

– Mezinárodní vedeckopraktica conference “Aplikovane vedecke novinky – 2009”, Prague. 2009

– I oddnarar sciences -practice Conf., May 17-19, 2011 – Chernihiv: ChTTU. – 2011

– IV International Scientific and Technical Conference “Composite Materials”. – Kiev 2009

– XXX International Conference “Composite Materials in Industry”. – Yalta 2010

– International scientific and technical conference “Polymer composites and tribology”. – Gomel 2011

– 8th International. Symposium on friction products and materials: Yarofi – Yaroslavl: Russia. – 2010

– 4th Ukrainian-Polish Scientific Conference. “The polymers of special application”. – Dnepropetrovsk – 2008

– International conference “Advance space technologies for humanity prosperity”. – Dnipropetrovsk -2009

– 6th International Conference “Research and Development in Mechanical Industry, RaDMI 2008”. – Budva. – Montenegro. – 2008

– Baltic Polymer Symposium 2009. – Riga, Latvia, EU.

– Internftional Symposium INTERTRIBO 2009, High Tatras – Stara Lesna, Slovak Republic, EU.

and other Ukrainian and international conferences.