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Faculties and departments

Inorganic Substances:

  • Department of Analytical Chemistry and Food Additives and Cosmetics;
  • Department of  Electrochemical Production And Electrical Engineering;
  • Department of Inorganic Substances and Ecology;
  • Department of Inorganic Chemistry;
  • Department of Physical Chemistry

Organic Substances and Biotechnology:

  • Department of Organic Substances and Pharmaceuticals;
  • Department of Biotechnology;
  • Department of Life Safety;
  • Department of Organic Chemistry;
  • Department of Foreign Languages;
  • Department of Health Care

High-Molecular Compounds:

  • Department of Plastics Processing and Photo, Nano and Printing Materials;
  • Department of High-Molecular Compounds;
  • Department of Elastomers Processing;
  • Department of Fuel Materials;
  • Department of Philosophy

Glass, Ceramics and Food:

  • Department of Equipment and Technology of Food Production;
  • Department of Binding Materials;
  • Department of Ceramics and Glass;
  • Department of Processes, Apparatus and General Chemical Technology;
  • Department of Ukrainian Studies

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics;
  • Department of Equipment for Chemical Production;
  • Department of Heat Power Engineering;
  • Department of Applied Mechanics;
  • Department of Materials Science;
  • Department of Physics

Computer Science and Engineering:

  • Department of Computer-Integrated Technology and Automation;
  • Department of Metrology and Software Quality Control;
  • Department of Information Systems;
  • Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics;
  • Department of Higher Mathematics;


  • Department of Industrial Economics and Organization of Production;
  • Department of Management and Finance;
  • Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics;
  • Department of Marketing;