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Educational and methodical department

Educational and Methodical Department:

  • Olena Volodymyrivna Hruzdieva- Head of Educational and Methodical Department, Ph.D., associate professor
  • Olena Volodymyrivna Smirnova  – Ph.D., associate professor, scientific secretary of the Scientific-Methodical Council
  • Halyna Valeriivna Fomenko – senior teacher, a member of the Scientific-Methodical Council
  • Nataliia Vasylivna Kolupaieva  – electronics engineer of the I category
  • Tamara Petrivna Kochubeieva  – engineer of the I category
  • Olha Oleksandrivna Sarafinas  – engineer of the II category

Educational and methodical department – USUCT (Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology)

Plan of the Educational and Methodological

department for the 2016-2017 academic year

Scientific and methodological and regulatory support of the educational process

  1. Development and approval of educational and working curricula and educational programs of bachelors, specialists and masters in full-time and correspondence form of study – responsible Fomenko H.V.
  2. Scientific and methodological support of the credit-module system of the educational process organization – responsible Fomenko H.V
  3. Monitoring of methodological support of the educational process – responsible: Gruzdeva O.V, Sarafinas O.O
  4. Availability of work programs of educational disciplines for all areas of preparation;
  5. Annual updating of work programs in accordance with the curricula, industry standards and guidance documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the University;
  6. Continuation of organization of preparation, approval and review of work programs of educational disciplines.
  7. Analysis of the implementation of the plan of providing the educational process with the guidance and methodical literature of the UCHU for the 2016-2017 academic year – responsible: Gruzdeva O.V, Sarafinas O.O
  8. Preparation, organization of work on the preparation of test questions for checking the residual knowledge of students for all content modules in all disciplines – responsible: Kolupaeva N.V, Gruzdeva A.V
  9. Preparation and organization of the questionnaire of students regarding the organization of teaching, pedagogical ethics and morality – responsible: Gruzdeva O.V, Kolupaeva N.V
  10. Provision of advisory assistance to teachers on the implementation of new technologies of teaching, preparation and organization of methodical work in the educational process – responsible: Gruzdeva OV, Kochubeeva T.P
  11. Implementation of distance education in USUCT (organization of a distance education site (K), holding master classes on organization of work on the KK site, “Electronic cases of disciplines”, registration of users, filling the site with general information, etc.) – responsible: Kochubeeva TP, Gruzdeva  O.V

Other types of organization of the educational process

  1. Preparation of meetings and meetings of the Scientific and Methodological Council, processing and dissemination of the council’s decisions on various issues of improving the organization of the educational process.
  2. Registration and certification of electronic digital signature (EDS) keys at a school.  Ensuring the use of EDS in the educational institution.  Maintenance of the EDS registration log.
  3. Organizational work on providing preferential travel tickets for orphan students.
  4. Design of summary tables “Planning and accounting of methodical, scientific, organizational and educational work” and “Rating of teachers”.
  5. Administration of the educational electronic platform “Educational process”