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address: Room 220 Gagarin Avenue, 8, Dnipro city, 49005 Ukraine

tel .: +38 (056) 47-05-65

e-mail: [email protected]

The Department prepares specialists for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following fields of knowledge:

Branch of knowledge: 16 Chemical and bioengineering

Specialty: 162 Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Educational program:

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Branch of MAN on the basis of the regional ecological and naturalistic center (OblEnts) with the participation of the Department of Biotechnology of our University               

  1. processes of synthesis of protein synthesis of amino acids synthesis of vitamins / synthesis of biologically active substances in the process of energy, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
  2. improvement of economic and useful features in the cultural species of plants and animalsDNK-technologies that provide the obtaining of organisms with specified qualitiesconservation of biodiversitycreation of the genotype of libraries and DNA-banksbuilding biotechnological methods of artificial tissues and organs that are necessary for transplantationcreation of transgenic plants and animals
  3. Receipt: Vaccine Probiotics Antibiotics Monoclonal AntibodiesCreation of Museums of Cultures of Microorganisms and Viruses
  4. use of enzyme systems for increasing the consumer properties of food products using microorganisms and mushrooms for the production of food protein               
  5. the use of microorganisms, fungi, enzymes, etc. for biotechnological processes: fermentation (alcohol, lactic acid, etc.), oxidation of organic substances, production of protein concentrates and isolates
  6. biotechnological preservationmethods of purification, detoxification of substances, obtaining substitutes of biogenic substancesvar alternative sources of energy: biogas, bioethanoldegradation of human anthropogenic wastethermalcultivation
  7. artificial insemintransplant of embryoscellular cloning in vitroextracorporal fertilization
  8. use of biosensors and biosensor adaptation of biological models for mechanics and electronics study of primary DNA structures and their functional significance