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Address: room 320, ave. Gagarin, 8, the city of Dnipro, 49005

Tel.: +38 (093) 205-08-00

e-mail: [email protected]

Sverdlikovska Olga Serhiivna
Doctor of chemical sciences, professor

Oksana Volodymyrivna Skrypnyk

Vira Volodymyrivna Zhuravel

 Arina Oleksiivna Stepanenko

 Krystyna Hennadiivna Nosatenko

The Faculty trains specialists in  bachelor’s and  master’s degrees  in the following fields of knowledge:
Branch of knowledge: 05 Social and behavioral sciences
Specialty:  051 Economics
Educational programs:
Economic Cybernetics
Business Economics
Branch of knowledge: 07 Management and administration
Specialty:  072 Finance, Banking and Insurance
Educational program:
Finance and Credit
Specialty:  073 Management
Educational programs:
Management of Organizations and Administration (by Types of Economic Activity) (MEN)
Innovation Management
Specialty:  075 Marketing
Educational program:
Graduating Departments:
– Industrial Economics and Organization of Production
– management and finance
– Theoretical and Applied Economics
– marketing
Conclusions of the expert commission

Studying at the Faculty of Economics at SHEI USUCT will allow you to get not only a high level of professional knowledge and skills in the future specialty. Our team of teachers will help form each student’s personality capable of taking a decent place in society and succeeding at all stages of his life.

The Faculty of Economics of the University is the youngest at SHEI USUCT. It was founded on the basis of the economic specialty at the Faculty of Organic Substances, today it became one of the largest faculties of the University, which has been functioning for 20 years.

Since the establishment of the University, economic disciplines were taught as general education for technological and mechanical specialties. However, in 1990, the students began training on the specialty “Economics and Management in the field of chemical and forest complex”.

Currently, the Faculty employs 6 doctors of sciences, professors and 22 candidates of sciences, associate professors. At the Faculty there are four graduating departments – Department of Industrial  Economics and Organization of Production; Department of Management and Finance, Department of Marketing, Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics, where bachelors and masters in economics, management and marketing, finance and economic cybernetics are trained.

The teaching staff of the Faculty performs extensive research work in the following areas:

  • “Formation of the organizational and economic mechanism for improving the efficiency of the domestic enterprises of the chemical industry”
  • “Creation of an effective integration management system for the activities of chemical and petrochemical enterprises in a hierarchical competitive environment”.

The Faculty members take an active part in inter-university conferences and seminars in Ukraine as well as international symposiums (“Management, marketing and business education of Ukraine in the global competitive environment”, “Development of small and medium business in Ukraine”, “Management – education of Ukraine and Bologna process” “)

At the Faculty, considerable attention is paid to the educational process – monographs, teaching aids, methodical instructions for the implementation of control, coursework and diploma works are given. New disciplines are being mastered.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies are open for replenishment of qualified teaching staff at the chairs of the economics of industry, marketing, management and finance, theoretical and applied economics. In recent years, six candidate’s theses were defended and three theses were submitted for defense.

The staff of the Faculty provides assistance in improving economic training in related colleges, lyceums and high schools. The Faculty is active in international activities.

The training on the specialty “Business Economics” at SHEI USUCT has the following competitive advantages:

  • high professional level of teaching of special disciplines;
  • Inclusion in training plans of training students for professional requirements of employers to specialists in business analytics;
  • involvement of students in scientific work under the direction of professors and assistant professors of the graduating department.

The success of such cooperation is confirmed by the diplomas and distinctions of students of the specialty “Business Economics” at the All-Ukrainian competitions and Olympiads.

Thus, students (specialists and masters) receive a high level of professional training in the specialty “Business Economics” and have the advantages of employing at modern enterprises in Ukraine.

The specialty  “Marketing”  allows you to prepare qualified specialists who have a wide range of knowledge in marketing activities, have scientific and economic thinking, skills of system and situational approaches to the development of managerial decisions.

Ukraine needs new business elite, capable of ensuring both the competitiveness of both products and firms. This need is urgent today and will grow in the coming years.

First of all, marketing arranges the company with a clear perspective of action. It is valuable not only to enable enterprises to study markets well and to determine their capabilities, but also to recommend through the marketing service to the production, project, engineering, sales and other units that they will need to do in the near future and in a more distant future, so that the enterprise and its products were competitive on the domestic and foreign markets

After the SHEE “UDHTU” specialty “Marketing” young professionals provided a wide field of activity in industrial, commercial structures, research organizations and organs of economic management in banks, financial companies on the stock exchange, etc. Having chosen the specialty of the marketer, you will make the right step in life!

Students of  “Economic Cybernetics” SHEI USUCT get a system of knowledge of economic subjects, programming, simulation, specialized branches of mathematics using the latest information technology and software development.

A graduate of the specialty “Economic Cybernetics” can take the position of the head of functional units in the system of organized management in various spheres of the economy: in enterprises, in banks and credit and financial institutions, in production and commercial structures, IT companies, consulting companies, etc. They can work as economists – analysts, research staff and lecturers in research and educational processes, as well as employees of government bodies.

At the Faculty of Economics, SHEI USUCT, the specialty “Economic Cybernetics” trains: bachelors in “Economic Cybernetics” and masters in Economic Cybernetics, and financial and economic security analysts.


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