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Laws of Ukraine

Resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

  • On the establishment of nominal scholarships of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the most talented young scientists. Resolution of  16.03.2007 № 774-V
  • On the Prize of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the most talented young scientists in the field of basic and applied research and scientific and technical developments. Resolution of  16.03.2007 № 775-V

Decrees of the President of Ukraine

Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

  • On the statement of the list of priority thematic directions of scientific researches as well as scientific and technical developments for the period till 2020. Resolution of 7.09.2011. N 942
  • Some issues of determining the medium-term priority areas of innovation at the national level for 2017-2021. Resolution of  28.12.2016 № 1056
  • On the statement of the Order of payment of an allowance for length of service of scientific work. Resolution of  14.04.2004 № 494
  • Some issues of implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On state regulation of activities in the field of transfer […]. Resolution of  01.08.2007 № 995
  • On the statement of the Standard instruction on the order of accounting, storage, use, and destruction of documents and other material carriers of the information containing official information. Resolution of  19.10.2016 № 736

Other regulations

  • On approval of the Code of information constituting a state secret. Order of the Security Service of Ukraine dated 12.08.2005  № 440

Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

  • Regarding the Regulations on the organization of scientific, scientific, and technical activities in higher educational institutions of III and IV levels of accreditation. Order of 01.06.2006  N 422
  • Regarding the approval of the Regulations on competitive selection by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine […]. Order of 01.06.2006 № 423
  • On selection of scientific works for awarding of the annual prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists. Order of 09.02.2016 № 104
  • On amendments to the Procedure for acceptance, preliminary consideration of documents, and preparation of proposals for works submitted for the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and implementation of innovative technologies. Order of 28.12.2015 № 1362
  • On approval of the Procedure for state registration and accounting of open research, research, and development […]. Order of 27.10.2008 № 977
  • On the statement of the List of the official information which is property of the state. Order of 18.03.2015 N 319
  • On the statement of the Situation on carrying out by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of the Competition of projects of scientific works and scientific and technical (experimental) developments of young scientists working (studying) in the higher educational institutions and the scientific establishments belonging to the Ministry, further performance of these works developments at the expense of the general fund of the state budget and their management. Order of 14.12.2015  № 1287
  • Some issues of functioning of the network of national and regional contact points of the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation” Horizon 2020. Order of 02.09.2016 № 1068

Normative documents of SHEI USUCT

  • INSTRUCTION №563 on the procedure for acquisition, storage, use, and accounting of precursors in SHEI USUCT
  • REGULATIONS on expert commissions on issues of preparation of materials for open publication and preparation of materials for export abroad of SHEI USUCT
  • REGULATIONS on the procedure for performing departmental research work in SHEI USUCT