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Having rest in the sports and recreation camp The Oak Grove   is a good completion of the school year.

The camp is located in the picturesque corner of the Novomoskovskyi District on the banks of the Samara River among the century old oak groves near the village Orlivshchina.

Singing wild birds and the rustle of leaves are fascinating. The history of the camp is so ancient that it is difficult to remember today when it was created, although we found interesting photos of how the students of the 50’s and 70’s of the last century rested (see the archive).

Entertainment of the current holidaymakers – extremely diverse!!!

Lovers to sunbathe and climb in the river can go to the “Golden Beach” on the Samara River, or therapeutic salty lake.

Every day to the services of tourists there are interesting contests, sports competitions, concerts, discos.

Intellectual entertainment offers a “library on wheels” – an outbound subscription of fiction of USUCT.

Interesting neighbors who live near – “The Health” Camp (Medical Academy) and “The Gornyak” Camp (National Mining University), also help to have fun.

Accommodation is offered in a two-storeyed building and some separate houses. Rooms are clean, spacious and bright. In some rooms, the walls are painted by amateur artists and create the impression of a picture gallery.

The guests are offered three meals a day – the food is tasty and varied.

The camp hosts students, teachers, university staff members and their families. For many generations of chemical technicians, “The Oak Grove” became a desirable summer home.

A large friendly family of holidaymakers “Dubovki” invites to its circle of freshmen: the camp works in two shifts in July-August.

Regarding the purchase of tours to the sports and recreation camp “The Oak Grove” you should apply to the trade union of the University.

“Join us!”

Our constant holidaymakers share their impressions of summer in the camp ..

“In the Oak Grove we had the best vacation in student days: clean air, a lake, a nearby river, a wonderful campaign of friends! And the evening at the fire and the night movies on the big screen – it’s simply impossible to forget romance and rest! An intense cultural program – discos, concerts, contests, KVN – did not allow anyone to get bored))) Here they reminded me of the camp and warmed up my heart. I imagine that I am now among the oaks, I breathe in the full breasts of clean air and watch the butterflies flying through the fairy oak grove … “


Lina Missiura

“Dubovka” is a drive!

New acquaintances, new adventures, new experiences!

Sports competitions, funny contests, costume parties, secret visits to forbidden discotheques … and a lot of positive emotions !!!

And in the “Oak Grove” families are created :))) For example, it was there where Pustovis and Epaneshnikovs  met :))))


Alina Bratuta

“Indeed, this is the place that everyone loves and remembers. Who was in “Dubovka” even once  would like to come again. “


Anna Savchenko

“All the entertainments and cultural programs of the Camp had our hearts !!! And, by the way, about gastronomic sensations – they cook deliciously there! “


Arsen Baghdasarian

“It’s exactly 10 years that I’m resting in this beautiful place!

My first visit to “The Oak Grove” was in 2006, when I came for the first shift and it lasted 21 days !!! Then, during the summer, there were 3 shifts – until the end of August! Having rest in the camp is very rich: concerts, discos, sports, reading books, new acquaintances, various games, competitions, competitions. In “The Oak Grove” there is an amazing atmosphere, the sun shines brightly and the air is so clean that you do not have time to understand how fast the time passes. The most interesting thing is that there is some kind of magic and every year I do not want to go home, and try to enjoy this fabulous magical feeling as long as possible))) “


Volodymyr Kyslychnyi

“Clean air, beautiful night sky, forest, the Samara River and many picturesque places all leave only wonderful emotions and pleasant memories !!! For comparatively small money, by our standards, you can get new friends and many new and interesting impressions! If you were a student of Khim-tech and was not in “The Oak Grove”, your student life was very sad “


Dmytro Syniaiev

“The time when friendship is the first value!

In “Dubovka” you will meet a million new friends and loyal friends! In their surroundings it seems that the sun is brighter, books are more interesting, and sweets are tastier. All the memories of this wonderful time are stored for a long time in the golden treasury of memory. And through years you realize that it was there where you were so happy! Do not miss the chance to get incredible memories! “


Halina Zakharchenko

“Oak Grove” – as an opportunity!

This is a great opportunity to plunge into a student hangout! Do not convey feelings when you sit on the shore of the “golden”, sing songs under the guitar, and over you incredible stars shine. Creative contests, sports, beach, concerts and love are “Dubovka”! “


Ksenia Bashybular