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address: room 905, Naberezhna Peremohy, 40, the city of Dnipro, 49094

tel .: +38 (056) 753 56 46



address: room 461, Gagarin Avenue, 8, the city of Dnipro, 49005

tel .: +38 (0562) 47-35-06


The department prepares  bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of knowledge – 15 Automation and instrumentation in the educational program 152 Metrology and Information and Measuring Technology.

Educational program:

Metrology and Information and Measuring Technology

If you always want to be a demand specialist in any field of production or service while having a modern, interesting and always relevant profession – then specialty 152 Metrology and Information and Measuring Technology is your choice!

This specialty is an explosive mixture, the components of which are: metrology, electronics, computer and information-measuring technologies, microcontroller technology, optics, standardization and certification, measuring technology, monitoring and diagnostics systems.

We help students get acquainted with the programming of intelligent metering devices, computer technologies in metrology, electronics and microprocessor technology, modeling and designing of hardware and software for measuring instruments, as well as with legislative and applied metrology.

Our graduates successfully implement themselves in the computerized centers of information gathering and processing, control, forecasting and research of various technological processes in the production, in the departments and laboratories of certification, standardization and, of course, metrology.

Since 1996, the Department “Metrology and measuring equipment” (now “Metrology and Information and Measuring Technology “) started training specialists. The opening of the second specialty was connected with the rapid increase of the information component of automated control systems of technological processes, the emergence of high-precision and reliable methods and technical means of measurement, the introduction of computer facilities for measuring and control, etc.

In 2018, with the aim of optimizing the educational process and paying much attention to quality control of software, the Department of Metrology and Software Quality Control was transformed into a separate structural subdivision.


The educational process at the Department is carried out by 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer and 1 assistant.

Studying at the Department of Metrology and Software Quality Control is not a standard “theory and practice”. Teachers seek to combine the scientific classics of the theory of management with the actual trends of computer technology. To study with us is a real adventure, and we want to go along with students as partners, where the work of each depends not only on its success, but also on the success of the whole business. The guarantee of this is the exceptional professionalism of the teachers, the modern scientific and technical base, access to the scientific bases of scientific articles through the Internet, a library that is updated regularly with new receipts, a lot of author’s material and the invaluable experience of our employees.

Students are trained in the most up-to-date curricula, which are updated annually in accordance with current trends. They take into account not only the latest achievements in the IT industry, but also the needs of the real sector of world production in general and Ukraine in particular. And in the process of education, our teachers will help masters and bachelors express and realize their views on modernization of industry in those industries that they are most interesting.

The materials of research, performed by the scientific team of the Department are widely used in the educational process. Students are actively involved in such studies.

The Department is equipped with modern means of microprocessor and measuring equipment, has 2 computer classes with the Internet access.

Scientific research work

Research work is carried out in two scientific areas: “Research and environmental monitoring of air and water basins of the Dnipro Region”, carried out by the specialized research laboratory of the Department, and “Development and research of distributed ACS TP”. The results of the scientific activity of the Department are implemented at the leading enterprises of the region and abroad.

Over the years of its existence, the Department has published more than 550 articles, 12 monographs, received over 206 certificates of authorship and patents.

A separate pride of the Department is the accredited research laboratory “Metrological support of ecological control of the environment” located in the building on the picturesque bank of the Dnipro River opposite the water-skiing stadium.

The Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics was founded in 1966 and has its long history.

The staff of the Department consists of 7 highly qualified specialists, of which 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer and 3 assistants.

Teachers of the Department lectures on the following disciplines:

computational mathematics and programming;

  • Computer Science;
  • informatics and systemology;
  • informatics and information technologies;
  • information technologies in engineering calculations of the branch;
  • the basics of information technologies and programming;
  • computational mathematics, programming and calculations on a computer;
  • web design.

The main purpose of studying these disciplines is to master the skills of work on modern computer technology, the development of algorithmic thinking, mastering the development of programs of computational processes in high-level algorithmic languages, assimilation of methods of computational mathematics for solving applied problems of chemical and technological processes.

The Department holds: Olympiads in informatics among the students of 1-2 year of education and introductory lessons in informatics for applicants (entrants).