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   address: room 905, Naberezhna Peremohy, 40, the city of Dnipro, 490

    tel .: +38 (066) 753 76 16, +38 (0562)746-27-65

     e-mail: [email protected][email protected]





The department prepares bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of knowledge – 15 Automation and instrumentation in the educational program 152 Metrology and Information and Measuring Technology.

Educational program:

Metrology and Information and Measuring Technology

If you always want to be a demanded specialist in any field of production or service while having a modern, interesting and always relevant profession – then specialty 152 Metrology and Information and Measuring Technology is your choice!

This specialty is an explosive mixture, the components of which are: metrology, electronics, computer, and information-measuring technologies, microcontroller technology, optics, standardization and certification, measuring technology, monitoring and diagnostics systems.

We help students get acquainted with the programming of intelligent metering devices, computer technologies in metrology, electronics and microprocessor technology, modeling and designing of hardware and software for measuring instruments, as well as with legislative and applied metrology.

Consequently, a modern metrological engineer is a programmer, an optician, a materials scientist, an ecologist, and a mechanic!

Our graduates successfully implement themselves in the computerized centers of information gathering and processing, control, forecasting, and research of various technological processes in the production, in the departments and laboratories of certification, standardization, and, of course, metrology.


Studying at the Department of Metrology and Software Quality Control is not a standard “theory and practice”. Teachers seek to combine the scientific classics of the theory of management with the actual trends of computer technology. To study with us is a real adventure, and we want to go along with students as partners, where the work of each depends not only on its success but also on the success of the whole business. The guarantee of this is the exceptional professionalism of the teachers, the modern scientific and technical base, access to the scientific bases of scientific articles through the Internet, a library that is updated regularly with new receipts, a lot of author’s material, and the invaluable experience of our employees.

The Department is focused on training specialists in quality control and reliability of software (principles of testing, development of test scripts and specialized software, software certification).

Our students study state-of-the-art sensor devices for industrial and domestic applications, intelligent measuring instruments, and programming technologies using Python and C ++ languages, including web technologies, diagnostic systems, and product and service quality expertise. We provide skills in the development of “smart home systems” and the Internet of Things IoT, the creation of virtual measurement tools based on LabVIEW.

In the process of learning, master’s students gain practical skills and knowledge in working with neural networks (LSA – intelligent method of information processing, data retrieval in the network) and IT technologies of artificial intelligence (machine learning). Students learn to process measuring signals, build time series and dependencies, make predictions, analyze dynamic characteristics and solve analytical problems in the fields of economics, law, chemical technology, and others.

In machine learning, our experts use the popular Python programming language, and the disciplines include elements of leading commercial courses!

The presence of a modern 3D printer and a set of digital equipment Arduino at the department significantly expands the opportunities for students to practice the acquired theoretical knowledge and implement their research.

Scientific research work

Research work is carried out in the scientific area: “Development of vibration frequency method of control of the operation of technological devices intensified in vibration field”, carried out by the specialized research laboratory of the Department “Metrological support of ecological control of the environment”. The results of the scientific activity of the Department are implemented at the leading enterprises of the region and abroad.