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address: Naberezhna Peremohy, 40, Dnipro, 49094

tel .: +38 (056) 753-58-29

e-mail: [email protected]

The Department trains specialists in the following degrees: bachelor, doctor of philosophy, doctor of sciences in the specialty:

132 Materials science in the field of knowledge: 13 Mechanical engineering

NEW Educational program

“Jewelry, dental and orthopedic materials science”

Specialty: 132 Materials Science



The Department of Materials Science was founded in 1998 and is a general technical department. Postgraduate study with the right of training of specialists of educational-scientific degree of the doctor of philosophy (candidate of sciences) on specialty 132 – Material science is opened at the department.

The teaching staff of the Department consists of 8 persons (the head of the department, professor, doctor of sciences, 2 professors, doctors of sciences, 4 associate professors, candidates of sciences and 1 assistant).

The teaching staff of the Department consists of 3 staff members (head of the laboratory and 2 engineers of the first category).

The scientific staff of the Department consists of 3 staff members (2 senior research assistants, candidates of sciences and one junior researcher).

The Department trains 1 doctoral student and 3 postgraduate students.

Staff of the Department of Materials Science

Teachers and post-graduate students of the Department take part in the part-time implementation of state-funded research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

During the period of existence of the Department, 5 fundamental research works (1 – performed), financed on a competitive basis at the expense of the state budget, 3 international scientific and technical projects, financed on a competitive basis at the expense of foreign institutions, were published 5 monographs ( of them 3 in the European Union publishing houses), 10 manuals (3 of them in the European Union publishing houses) and more than 250 scientific articles, 12 patents of Ukraine were obtained. Research materials made scientific presentations at symposia in the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic and other countries of the world.


The Department teaches 14 disciplines. Every year there are about 1500 students of full-time and part-time study forms (bachelors and masters) from 6 faculties of the university at the department.

The total area of ​​the Department’s classrooms is 707 square meters, including 3 subject educational classrooms, 3 subject teaching laboratories, 3 educational laboratories, 3 sets of research laboratories and 1 computer class.

Stand of the Department of Materials Science