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The admission of foreign citizens to study at the University

The admission of foreign citizens to study in SHEI USUCT is possible:

  • having referrals  from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in accordance with international agreements of Ukraine;
  • in accordance with the agreements between SHEI USUCT and  Ukrainian State Centre of International Education;
  • having special-purpose referrals to study in SHEI USUCT given by foreign educational institutions;
  • in accordance with agreements between  SHEI USUCT and legal-physical entities.

To apply for SHEI USUCT a foreign national must fulfill the following Paragraphs:

  • to receive the Invitation to study from SHEI USUCT;
  • to prepare a set of documents required for study in Ukraine;
  • get a visa to enter Ukraine (in case of full-time study it must be a long-term visa D, for studying by correspondence – short-term visa C;
  • before coming to Ukraine you should inform the University or enterprise-contractor of the date, time of arrival and flight number you plan to arrive (for organizing the meeting of a foreigner in Ukraine).


How to receive the Invitation from the University to study

Foreign nationals who wish to study in SHEI USUCT must first receive the Invitation to study from the University.

The Invitation can be obtained personally in filling the appropriate questionnaire or from the enterprise-contractor, with which the University has the agreement.

After the applicant having given the necessary documents to study, the University establishes the possibility of giving the Invitation to study to the foreign citizen. In this case, if necessary, the interview with the candidate may be conducted via the Internet (Skype, etc.). In case of the positive decision of the admissions committee, the University prepares the Invitation to study.

The Invitation can be sent to the applicant in the following ways:

  • if a foreign national is in the territory of Ukraine, he can personally apply to the University and receive his Invitation.
  • when the applicant appeals personally to send him the Invitation to study by post, fax or email, the Invitation is sent on the condition of signing the agreement with SHEI USUCT and transfer of prepaid tuition including the Invitation sending by express mail.
  • if the applicant applies through the enterprise -contractor, that signed the agreement with SHEI USUCT, to give him the Invitation to study, such Invitation he receives through the contractor.

The set of documents to receive the Invitation to study in SHEI USUCT

Having filled the questionnaire for admission, foreigners apply in the period from 1 April to 31 August, to the University administration with the request to receive the Invitation.

Preliminary the questionnaire is attached with:

  • the statement addressed to the Rector of the University asking to receive the Invitation to study on commercial basis.
  • the copy of the pages from foreign and national passports with following information: full name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, address of permanent residence.
  • the copy of the document of full secondary education, and evaluation of subjects (points) or academic certificate;
  • consent to the processing of personal data;
  • requisites / data of enterprise -contractor or confidant that can give or send you the Invitation.

A set of documents for obtaining educational visa to study in Ukraine

After having received the original Invitation to study from SHEI USUCT, the foreign applicant must prepare documents for obtaining educational visa and admission to the University.

To get educational visa you should contact the Embassy of Ukraine in the country of residence with the following documents:

  • the original Invitation to study;
  • the copy of the document of full secondary education and evaluation of subjects (points);
  • medical certificate-form indicating absence of any medical contraindications of the applicant to study in Ukraine.
  • cору of the birth certificate;
  • 10 photos 3×4 cm.