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University Rating

When choosing an educational institution, entrants and their parents have to analyze many different aspects of the universities’ activities. Often, the place of study helps to determine the such factors as external attractiveness of the institution, politeness of the staff, impressions of friends, convenient location and transportation. However, the decisive role in choosing a specialty that can be taught in several universities, even in one city, is played by the ratings of higher educational establishments in Ukraine made by professional and, in particular, international experts.
According to the scientific metrics of the Scopus ranking, USCTU  ranks 15th among all higher schools of Ukraine and 2nd in the city of Dnipro being inferior only to classical national universities of Ukraine, which bring together significantly larger teams of scientists! The Scopus database contains more than 50 million abstracts and is a tool for tracking citation of articles published in scientific editions of the world.

USCTU is the only representative from the Dnipro region in the SCImago international science-grade rating and ranks 11th among higher schools of Ukraine. In 2008, 33 scientific institutions of Ukraine became the participants of the rating at SCImago Institutions Rankings, among them – 12 higher educational establishments. The peculiarity of this rating is that you cannot submit the application to SCImago; the system automatically includes those research institutions and universities that have at least 100 publications indexed by Scopus over the past 5 years. This rating appears to be recognition of high scientific potential and fruitful work of our University specialists.

According to the academic rating Webometrics (Ranking Web of Universities), USCTU ranked 54 among the Ukrainian higher schools (out of 317 possible) and 4th in the Dnipro region. This rating evaluates the level of presence in the Internet and all aspects of the universities’ activities: scientific, educational, cultural, social, sports ones. The above rating is made by Cybermetrics Lab of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The sources of the rating data are well-known independent databases Scopus, Google Scholar, Google Search, Majestic and Ahrefs.

According to the rating “Top 200 Ukraine 2020”, created in accordance with the Berlin Principles of Universities Ranking, USCTU took 47th place among higher educational establishments of Ukraine.
In the Consolidated Rating of Ukrainian Higher Education 2019, USCTU ranks 66th among the 240 higher schools of Ukraine and 7th in the Dnipro Region among 19 higher schools.