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University Rating

When choosing a higher education institution, entrants and their parents have to analyze many different components of the activities of universities. Often, to determine the place of study helps the external attractiveness of the educational institution, the politeness of the staff, the impressions of friends, convenient location or transport. However, the key role in choosing a specialty, which can be taught in several universities, is played by the ratings of higher educational institutions of Ukraine compiled by professional experts.

According to the scientific indicators of the Scopus rating database, USUCT ranks 15th among all universities of Ukraine and 2nd in the city of Dnipro, giving way only to the classical national universities of Ukraine, which bring together significantly larger teams of scientists! The Scopus database contains more than 47.4 million abstracts and is a tool for tracking the citation of articles published in scientific editions of the world.

According to the rating of World universities web ranking 2019 (the rating of universities on the Internet popularity, oriented to foreign students and researchers), the USUCT website ranks 55th among Ukrainian universities (out of a possible 326) and 3rd place in the Dnipropetrovsk Region by attendance and search queries on the Internet .

In the Consolidated Rating of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine 2018, USUCT takes 68th place in Ukraine as a whole and 7th place among the higher educational institutions in the city of Dnipro.