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The main areas of scientific activity of the Department “Technology of organic substances and pharmaceuticals” are formed on the basis of research work carried out under the guidance of a prominent scientist, former head of the Department, doctor of chemistry, professor S.I. Burmistrov as well as professors, doctors of chemical sciences, V.I. Markov and O.V. Kharchenko; and they are devoted to the development of scientific fundamentals of the synthesis and reactivity of N-, S-heterocycles in order to obtain compounds with predictive properties.

The Department develops studies that solve the problems of obtaining new methods of various nitrogen and sulfur-containing heterocycles – derivatives of thiadiazoles, triazoles, asymmetric derivatives of quinondiimines, thioamides of various structures and alkyl, arylsulfonyl and cyano substituted azoles and azines. This will allow for the availability of a significant number of potentially biologically active compounds and will pave the way for the simple synthesis of new condensed heterocyclic systems.

The scientific direction related to the study of the synthesis and reactivity of quinonimines and N-substituted aziridines is headed by the doctor of chemical sciences, professor V.I. Markov, the theme of his doctoral dissertation “Synthesis, reactions and stereochemistry of small nitrogen heterocycles”. Under his leadership, the Scientific Council is functioning, which unites several related departments. V.I. Markov heads the Specialized Council D 08.078.03 for the protection of candidate and doctoral dissertations on organic chemistry, chemical engineering, and the technology of polymeric and composite materials.

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor O.V. Kharchenko leads the scientific direction on the synthesis of functional derivatives of nitrogen and sulfur-containing heterocycles on the basis of S-amidoalkyl products and the search for the biological activity of the compounds obtained.

The Department performed state budget research projects in accordance with the GDR plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Due to the sharp decrease in the funding, the scientific staff have decreased and the work has been carried out mainly by the forces of the pluralists.

The Department maintains close ties with the scientific institutions of Ukraine and Russia, in particular, the Institute of Natural History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Donetsk), the IOC of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev), the IBONH of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv), the Russian State Chemical- Technological University named after. DI Mendeleev (Moscow), Institute of Chemical Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Russia (Moscow) and others. For example, on January 1, 2007, an agreement on creative cooperation between the SHEI USUCT and the National Pharmaceutical University (Kharkiv) was signed.

At the Department there is a joint research laboratory for the synthesis of biologically active organic compounds (headed by Prof. Kharchenko O.V.), created by the order of the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine and the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine No. 95/98 dated April 30, 1992, on the basis of SHEI USUCT and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Part of the state budget research work is carried out with the involvement of undergraduate students. The result of such cooperation is the annual defense of diploma research papers (at least five), participation of students in international conferences of young scientists, post-graduate students and students.

The development of separate areas of science at the Department is carried out by associate professors V.M. Nichvoloda, V.V. Bilov, V.V. Kiselev, K.V. Yanova, L.S. Karpishchenko, assistants M.V. Voievudskyi, I.U. Yakimenko, Ye.V. Poliakov, S.Yu. Chernous, S.R. Boiko, O.O. Lominoga, O.V. Kryshchyk and others.

Theses preparing for the defence:

  • Doctor’s thesis, aspirant Nichvoloda V.M., theme: “Influence of the structure of the reagent and the substrate on the direction of the reaction of quinones and their analogues with nucleophilic agents”;
  • doctoral thesis, aspirant Kiselev V.V.
  • candidate’s dissertation, aspirant Yakimenko I.Yu. (scientific supervisor, associate professor V.M. Nichvoloda), theme: “Investigation of the reaction of acylaminization of quinones and quinonines to produce condensed heterocyclic biologically active compounds.”
  • candidate’s dissertation, postgraduate student Nichvoloda T.V. (scientific supervisor, professor O. Kharchenko), theme: “Cooperative reactions of halogenhinonimines with polydentatnyh nucleophiles”.
  • candidate’s thesis, aspirant Boiko S.R. (scientific supervisor, associate professor V.V. Kiselev), theme: “Synthesis of new derivatives of 1,4,5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinoline – potential antiviral compounds”.
  • candidate’s thesis, postgraduate student Lominoga O.O. (scientific supervisor, professor Burmistrov K.S.), theme: “Modified oxyethylated alcohols as new promising surfactants”.
  • candidate’s thesis, postgraduate student Shreiber Kh .O. (scientific supervisor, professor Burmistrov K.S.), theme: “Synthesis and reactions of derivatives of 1,2,4-triazoles”.
  • candidate’s thesis, aspirant Toropin V.M. (scientific supervisor, professor Burmistrov K.S.).
  • candidate’s dissertation, postgraduate student Zadorozhniy P.V. (scientific supervisor, associate professor V.V. Kiselev), theme: “Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds on the basis of products of amidoalkylation of sulfur-containing substances”

Theses defended in recent years:

  • candidate’s dissertation, postgraduate student Varianichenko S.A. (scientific supervisor, professor V.I. Markov), theme: “Patterns of the regrouping of 6-azazinazolones under the conditions of the Wilsmeier reaction”
  • candidate’s dissertation, postgraduate student Astakina V.O. “Synthesis and properties of 3,5-dimethyl-4-carboethoxy-pyrrole-carboxylic acid hydrazide – potential cardiotonics.”
  • candidate’s dissertation, postgraduate student Pharat O.K. (scientific supervisor, professor V.I. Markov), theme: “Reactions of substituted 2-spiro-pyrimidine-4-one”

From 2011 to 2015, lecturers of the Department conducted research within the framework of the state budget theme: “Research of methods of synthesis, properties and ways of use of nitrogen-containing compounds” (number of state registration 0111U008598). The aim was to develop new methods for the synthesis of 2-amino-3-alkilbutendiovoyi acid and 3- (alkyl, aryl) amino-4-alkilpirol-2,5-Dione – advanced agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as configuration stability studies of nitrogen compounds. As a result of scientific research, 8 articles in the publications of Scopus International Scientific Center, 39 articles in professional editions of Ukraine and 53 theses of reports in collections of international and all-Ukrainian conferences were published.

2010 – 2013, the staff of the Department worked part-time in the framework of the state budget work “Patterns of formation of nitrogens Sulfur-containing heterocycles. New regrouping in the reaction Vilsmayyera »(№ state registration 0112U002060). 2013 – 2016 – the researchers worked on “ New synthetic methods and design Nitrohen- Sulfurvmisnyh bioactive compounds »(№ state registration 0115U003159).

Since 2016, scientific and pedagogical workers have been conducting a new research project “Research of methods of synthesis, configurational stability and ways of using amine derivatives”. Expected results of work: a new method of synthesis of certain classes of amine derivatives; the regularities of the substituent influence on the imino group on the process of inversion of the atom of Nitrogen in the imines; Experimental data on the use of new quaternary ammonium salts, synthesized from plant material, as activators of sulfuric vulcanization of polydienes.

At present, the main directions of the scientific activity of the Department: research of the structure and the possibility of synthesis of 3-hydroxy (alkoxy) -5-aryl-gidatones and symmetric and asymmetric N, N-dialkoxyureas; study of the process of inversion of derivatives of imines and amines; synthesis of quaternary ammonium salts from plant raw materials.

Within last 5 years, under the guidance of prof. O.V. Prossianyk, O.S. Lebid and N.V. Kutsyk-Savchenko defended their dissertations for the degree of a candidate of chemical sciences.

The employees of the Department take part in competitions of scientific works of the State fund of fundamental researches, international and all-Ukrainian conferences.