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Subject – physical culture. The purpose of the discipline is the formation of students’ unity of knowledge and practical skills in physical culture, physical, psychomotor, professionally significant qualities, motor skills and abilities, the active use of which is necessary for the organization of a healthy lifestyle, solving problems in educational, professional, social, everyday spheres of life , including them in the process of self-education and self-improvement.

Practical classes in physical culture are planned to be scheduled in the network of academic studies of the university for 1-2 courses 4 hours per week. Students are divided into educational departments, taking into account sex, health, physical development and sporting fitness. Groups are formed according to the interests of students in sport. After completing the curriculum, students make benchmarks.

The educational process of physical education is equipped with scientific and methodological support.

The Department annually holds the Spartakiade among the faculties of 10 types of sports, as well as among student dormitories in the program of the Month of Health, the inter-titled Sports Games at Sports and Recreation Camp the Oak Grove .

The results of sports achievements the Department brings to the end of the school year at the sports-theatrical holiday, where the administration rewards the best athletes of the university and teachers of the department.

University Athletes take part in international, national and regional competitions and win prize-winning places: handball male team – multiple Champion and prize winner of Ukraine (coach V.A. Oreshin); Team teams on canoeing and canoeing and academic rowing were champions and prizewinners of competitions in Ukraine and the region (trainer OA Vasiliev); the badminton team won gold and silver medals at the Championships of Europe, Ukraine and Universiade of the region (trainer VO Trush).

From 2010 to 2016, the teachers of the Department prepared 45 CMS, 16 masters of sports, 181 champion of the region, Ukraine, Europe, the World; 130 silver winners, 168 bronze medalists.

The composition of the Department is represented by highly skilled specialists, who continue to pursue a sports career and receive high results at international and national competitions. Yes, senior lecturer of the department Vasiliev O.A. During the 2012-2016 European Championship, he was promoted to the “Dragon” Boat Race Champion and became the Champion of the International Marathon (12 km) in 2012.

At basketball lessons. Coach of the team A.M.Kirichenko

Senior lecturer of the Department A.M. Kirichenko in the period of 2012-2016 gained the title of Champion of Ukraine, Europe and the silver medal of the World Championship 2014 on basketball among veterans.

On boxing lessons. Coach V.Ye Yarovy.

Teacher of the department Yarovy V.Ye. in 2016 he won the title of the Champion of Ukraine on kickboxing.

Considering that the department has a long history, a staff of highly qualified specialists, a wonderful sports base, as well as a base of rest, a large selection of sports, a variety of sports sections, and most importantly, students, having knowledge of the basic specialty, have the opportunity to improve their physical qualities, to monitor the state of health, receive the necessary recommendations, we offer all entrants, deciding WHY TO HEAR, to choose our university.