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The course of physical culture was organized in 1930. The Department was founded in 1934. Its composition comprised 4 people, and the head was a senior teacher L. G. Tkachenko Classes were held on general physical training once time per week, and in the evening organized by sections in skiing, gymnastics, tennis, athletics, basketball, volleyball, fencing.

The first mountaineers of the institute. 1935

In evacuation, the classes were conducted according to the state program and applied training. In 1947, the Department renewed its activity as an independent unit under the direction of senior teacher L.G. Tkachenko Then the Department was headed by a senior teacher Y.M. Melnikov, senior lecturer O.M. Yaryshkin, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor E.F. Zamovsky Since 1987, the Department was headed by the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor V.V. Prikhodko (in 1992 he defended his doctoral dissertation), since 2003 – senior lecturer S.M. Gorban, since 2005 and presently – candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor E.F. Zamovsky.

Show performances by gymnasts. 1940

In 40-50 years, the Department was engaged not only general physical training, but also significantly expanded new sporting activities, strengthening existing – athletics, gymnastics, volleyball, rowing, fencing, climbing. During this period, the first masters of sports of the former USSR were prepared: L. Moroz (from tourism), N. Gnezdilo (from cycling), E.Senotrusova (from gymnastics).

In 1963, a new building with sports pitches 30 x 15 m for sports lessons and 10 x 15 m for fencing, wrestling and table tennis was put into operation. With the improvement of the material base the staff of the Department expanded to 20 teachers. The Department was able to conduct classes from 14 sports. The classes were conducted by teachers T.N. Chekhuta, O.M. Yarishkin, N.P. Nikolenko, II Invincible and others.

Since the end of the 60s, the construction of a sports and recreation camp “Owl Grove” in the village of Orlivshchyna. In 1975, the senior teacher of the Department I.I. Khrushchuk was first in the oblast to be awarded the title “Honored Coach of the USSR”. The multifaceted activities of the Department facilitated the preparation of the 1934 – 1978 rr. 28 masters of sport, 122 candidates for master of sports, 675 athletes first class, 13,569 athletes massive discharges of sports instructors 4116, 3853 judges sport.

The work of the Department since the beginning of the 80s rose to a qualitatively new level. The Department created a research laboratory for students psychophysical training.  Noe, the Department is leading Universities of Ukraine on scientific issues: “The use of means and methods of physical culture and sports to improve performance of university students’ supervisor became PhD, Associate Professor V. Litvinov (defended a doctoral dissertation in 1994). For the past 20 years 2 doctoral and 3 candidate’s theses have been defended at the Department.

In 1985, a new sports complex began to operate, additional sections are opened on mini-football, aerobics, shaping, badminton. The complex created a rehabilitation center. Teachers continue to work on general physical training of students, the development of their sports achievements and health promotion. Since 1980, the department annually prepares 1 – 2 masters of sports, 15 – 20 candidates for master of sports and athletes of 1st rank, 500 – 550 athletes massive ranks, 175 – 200 sports judges, 75 – 100 instructors in physical training and sports.

The Department initiated all-Ukrainian conferences: “Human health, technologies of formation of the builders of their health in the systems of education and health of Ukraine” (1995); “Actual problems of development of physical culture and sports at the turn of the XXI century” (1998); “Physical Culture, Sport and Health of Student Youth” (2000).

The Department and still actively involved in activities to improve teaching methods and techniques of teaching the subject “physical culture” in improving sports skills, finding new means of implementing a healthy lifestyle of students.

From 1981 to 1994 and from 2005 to 2020, the department was headed by Zamovsky Eduard Fedorovych. From 2020 to 2022, the department is managed by Doctor of Medicine, Professor Halyna Vasylivna Okhromiy.

From 2023 to the present, the department is headed by candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Lina Oleksandrivna Sokolova.

To this day, the department actively participates in measures to improve pedagogical methods and technologies for teaching the subject “Physical Culture”, in improving sportsmanship, in the search for new means of introducing a healthy lifestyle for student youth.