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Before licensing the specialty:

  • Reference on the methodological provision of academic disciplines for the preparation of bachelors in specialty 143 Atomic energy, which is being prepared for licensing, on the basis of materials of the electronic catalog of the library of the SHEI USUCT


Disciplines for preparation for bachelor’s degree in specialty 144 Heat power engineering

  1. Calculation methods and informatics in thermal power engineering
  2. Technical thermodynamics
  3. Heat exchange
  4. Sources of heat supply for industrial enterprises
  5. Mathematical methods and models in calculations of power equipment on a computer
  6. Superchargers and heat engines
  7. Fuel and combustion
  8. Heat process processes and installations
  9. High-temperature thermal engineering processes and installations
  10. Boiler installations of industrial enterprises
  11. Secondary energy resources and energy technology combination in industry
  12. Electrothermal installations
  13. Environmental Protection
  14. Unconventional energy sources
  15. Fundamentals of design
  16. Design, installation and operation of heat engineering equipment
  17. Energy production and distribution systems
  18. Thermal networks

Disciplines for preparation for master’s degree in specialty 144 Heat power engineering

  1. Investigation of thermodynamic processes
  2. Methodology and organization of scientific research on the themes of master’s work
  3. Equipment and bases of design of small energy objects
  4. Utilization of low-energy energy resources
  5. Management in energy saving
  6. Energy saving in power engineering and heat engineering
  7. Optimization of heat and mass transfer processes and installations
  8. Thermal power plants

Disciplines for preparation for bachelor’s degree in specialty 143 Nuclear power engineering

  1. Engineering and computer graphics
  2. Theoretical mechanics
  3. Basics of labor protection
  4. Life Safety
  5. Mathematical methods and models in calculations of power equipment on a computer
  6. Fundamentals of design
  7. Hydro-gas dynamics
  8. Technical thermodynamics
  9. Heat exchange
  10. Electrical engineering and electronics
  11. Nuclear power reactors
  12. Installation and operation of NPP equipment
  13. NPP heat exchangers and heat carrier technology
  14. NPP steam generators
  15. Material Science and Materials Technology
  16. Energy Economics
  17. Internship
  18. Preparation of qualification bachelor’s work and state attestation
  19. Introduction to specialty
  20. Operation and management of ODP
  21. Calculation methods and informatics in thermal power engineering
  22. NPP turbines
  23. Pumping and auxiliary equipment of the NPP
  24. NPP and TPP
  25. Nuclear and Neutron Physics
  26. Fuel and combustion
  27. Metrology, heat engineering measurements and devices
  28. Thermohydraulic processes in nuclear power plants
  29. Strength of Materials
  30. Dosimetry and radiation protection
  31. Machine parts


Alumni workplaces
Graduates work on the positions of chief power engineers and chief engineers of enterprises, masters of the boiler room, turbine workshop of CHPP, nuclear power plant, industrial boiler-house, engineers-designers, engineers of heat and power service, heat engineers of the shop, engineers of the production and technical department, engineers of the heat engineering laboratory , scientific laboratories, positions of management structures and energy management, etc.

All graduates are trained and focused on the creation and introduction into the production of energy-saving and non-waste technologies for materials and energy resources. Such technologies are being introduced at the enterprises where our graduates work:

  • NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, Kyiv;
  • DTEK Pridneprovskaya TPP, the city of Dnipro;
  • PJSC “Interpipe NMTZ”, Novomoskovsk city;
  • PJSC “Zaporizhstal”, Zaporozhye;
  • Communal enterprise “Pavlohradteploenergo”, Pavlograd;
  • PJSC “Ukrtatnafta”, city of Kremenchug;
  • “Volnogorsk State Mining and Metallurgical Combine” Joint-Stock Company “United Mining and Chemical Company”, the city of Vil’nogorsk;
  • PJSC “Marganets GOK”, m. Marganets;
  • DTEK Krivorozhskaya TPP, Zelenodolsk city;
  • DP “Production Association” Southern Machine-Building Plant named after.  M. Makarov », Dnipro;
  • Dniprovnipienergoprom, Dnipro, LLC;
  • JSC “DNIPROAZOT”, m. Kamenskoye;
  • OOO “EVRAZHOLDING”, the city of Dnipro;
  • PJSC “Dnipropetrovs’k Aggregate Plant”, the city of Dnipro;
  • Dniprokoks OJSC, the city of Dnipro;
  • SE “Electrovozoobrazovaniia”, the city of Dnipro;
  • InterMicro Delta, the city of Dnipro;
  • PJSC “Interpipe NTZ”, the city of Dnipro;
  • Communal enterprise “Dneproteplomerezha” of Dnipro city council, the city of Dnipro;
  • PJSC “Dneproplastmas”, the city of Dnipro;
  • Interpipe Nikotiub, m. Nikopol;
  • DTEK Zaporozhye TPP, Energodar city;
  • PJSC “AZOT”, Cherkasy city;
  • Musketeer LLC, the city of Dnipro;
  • OOO “Enteh UKRAINE”, the city of Dnipro;
  • Evrokul LLC, the city of Dnipro;
  • SE “South-Ukrainian NPP”, Yuzhnoukrainsk city;
  • SE “Zaporizhzhya NPP”, city of Energodar;
  • VP “Khmelnitsky NPP”, city of Netyshin;
  • VP “Rivne NPP”, city of Varash.