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The Department of Power Engineering was founded in 1933. The Department was headed by professor C.E. Hendrikovskyi.

After the return of the institute for evacuation, the Department was divided into two: the Department of heat engineering under the direction of prof. C.E. Hendrikovskyi and the Department of pumps and compressors under the direction of associate professor M.Ya. Herman. In 1946, they were again merged into the Department of Power Engineering under the leadership of Herman M. Ya., which he headed until 1968. Then the Department was headed by such scholars as: associate professor, now professor, Tsygankov G.T. (1968-1981), associate professor, then professor, Melnikov B.I. (1981-1987), Assoc. Lavrinenko O. M. (1987-1990 gg.), Assoc. Belous V.P. (1990-1994), Assoc. Bulichov VV (1995-1996), Assoc. Karpenko O.O. (1996-1999), professor Tsygankov G.T. (1999-2002). Since 2002 till now, the Department is headed by Professor M.P. Sukhyi.

By 1988, the Department was general technical. Since 1988, the Department has started producing and training specialists on the specialty “Power engineering of thermal technologies”, and since 1998 – on the specialty “Heat power engineering”.

From 1940 to 1960, Associate Professors of the Department German M.Ya. and Karasik O.Y. have done a great deal on energy use (combustion and gasification) of polygonal wastes of wet coal enrichment. Significant contribution to the theory and practice of the development of jet and flare processes in the combustion of gaseous, liquid and pulverized fuel in thermal units performed by the staff of the department under the direction of prof. Tsigankov G.T. Significant work was carried out to increase the efficiency of the use of fuel and energy resources by controlling the combustion process in thermal units of metallurgical and chemical industries. Significant economic effect was obtained.