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Areas of scientific activity of the Department

  • thermal decontamination of liquid radioactive waste with the use of immersion apparatus;
  • increase of efficiency of heat and power equipment operation in order to reduce energy consumption and fuel economy;
  • development of methods for controlling the quality of fuel combustion based on the ionization effect;
  • creation of energy supply systems with the use of renewable energy sources;
  • regularities of development of jet and flare processes at combustion of gaseous, liquid and pulverized fuel;
  • increase of heat output from the torch on the heating surface in order to save fuel;
  • simulation of heat and mass transfer processes;
  • the study of combustion processes and the development of impulse-operated burners that provide fuel economy and reduce the generation of harmful emissions;
  • increase of efficiency of use of energy resources in thermal systems;
  • solving problems of the accumulation of heat energy;
  • heat generators based on cavitation effects;
  • submersible combustion devices for heat supply.