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The Department of Marketing was founded in 2002. The first head of the Department was Professor Olena Yosypivna Shevtsova. From 2003 till the present time, the Department is headed by Professor, Ph.D. Volodymyr Petrovych Kolesnikov.

In 2006, the specialty “Marketing” was licensed for the training of specialists at the qualification level “Master”.

In 2009, the Marketing Department began to produce, in addition to specialists and masters in marketing, specialists in economic cybernetics. In 2011, the Department changed its name to “Marketing and Economic Cybernetics”.

All these years the following teachers worked at the Department: Mosiyuk P.O., Ermakov P.P., Poltorak VA, Mischenko M.I., Biletsky A.С., Kupriyanov О.І., Kuriny V.O. ., Garkusha V.V., Gerasina OV, Kasyan S.Ya., Mohylova A.Yu., Babets M.O., Kiris P.G., Parshin Yu.I., Kharkuta O.V., Zhuravel VV, Ovcharenko O.V., Kuchkova O.V., Ovsienko E.O. and other.

In 2013, the Department of Marketing and Economic Cybernetics was divided into the Department of Marketing and the Department of Economic Cybernetics.

The professors of the Department carry out scientific guidance over postgraduate students and applicants. Over the past 15 years, four faculty members have defended their Ph.D. theses: Chuprina N. M., Fedulova SO, Mohylova A.Yu., Kuchkova N.V.

During its existence, the Department of Marketing has trained over 890 specialists and 150 masters.