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The staff of the Department of Marketing investigates the actual problems of forming the economic and financial-credit mechanism in the chemical industry of Ukraine; substantiation of the organizational and economic mechanism of innovation processes in the chemical industry; study of market conditions and competition of manufacturers of industrial goods; substantiates theoretical-methodological and methodical approaches to the effective development of the industrial market. The Department has developed recommendations on the peculiarities of management in the market of enterprises of paint and varnish, tire, oil-fat and other industries. Conclusions and research proposals were used in the formation of the financial and credit mechanism in the chemical industry as well as in the development of the Integrated Program of Scientific and Technological Progress and its socio-economic consequences in Ukraine for the period until 2015.

The results of the research work were highlighted in the following monographs and educational and methodical publications:

  1. V.P. Kolesnikov, S.E. Sardak and others. Potential of Marketing in the Industry of Ukraine Monograph / USUCT Dnepropetrovsk, 2009 201 p.
  2. V.P. Kolesnikov, B.I. Melnikov and others Industrial marketing at chemical industry enterprises, textbook. 2010
  3. V.P. Kolesnikov, .P.P Ermakov Industrial marketing in the chemical industry. Textbook. 2010
  4. VP Kolesnikov Logistics of Chemical Production. Educational Manual for Dnipropetrovsk: USUCT, 2012. with. 228
  5. V.I. Dubnitskyi International Marketing: Training Manual, Workshop, 2nd edition., Recycling. and listens. for students of the specialty 6.030507 “Marketing” / VI Dubnitsky, V.V. Komirna, G.A. Radchenko, O.O. Chuprina, V.V. Kayumova V.Yu. Lunina, E.V. Belikov Under the command Ed. prof. VI Dubnitsky – Donetsk: South-East, 2013. 184 p.
  6. V.I. Dubnitsky The theoretical position of the mechanism of interaction of marketing and innovation potential of industrial enterprises / VI Dubnitsky, S.V. Ivanov, N.V. Danilin // Prometheus. – 2012. – Exp. 2. – P. 109-119.

There are articles, theses, about 100 printed works, published in various professional editions of Ukraine. The University has a specialized journal “The Economic Journal” of SHEI USUCT.

The professors of the Department of Marketing study the scientific developments in the field of marketing, as well as review many abstracts of candidate and doctoral dissertations of applicants from the universities of Ukraine.