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Branch of knowledge: 07 “Management and administration”

Specialty: 075 “Marketing”

Degree: bachelor, master

Term of study: bachelor – 4 years, master – 1.5 years.

Bachelor. Educational and professional training program for higher education at the first (bachelor’s) level “Marketing” combines in-depth study of academic disciplines that make up its subject area, with a modern practice-oriented approach. Successful mastering by students of a complex of professional (special) competencies is provided by a possibility of a choice of certification programs which are realized by department together with the involvement of experts-practitioners in the fields of logistics, Internet marketing, marketing researches, and analytics.

Master. Educational-professional training program for higher education at the second (master’s) level “Marketing” is based on the study of advanced research in the field of theory and practice of modern marketing management of market participants and provides an in-depth study of disciplines that make up its subject area; aimed at developing future marketers’ abilities for systematic thinking and creativity in solving complex specialized tasks in the field of marketing management of modern market actors, to develop marketing strategies and programs taking into account the complex influence of market environment factors and the inter-functional nature of their implementation.

Educational disciplines of the Department of Marketing

  • Marketing
  • Analytical Marketing
  • Public relations (PR)
  • Commodity studies
  • Marketing researches
  • Marketing communications
  • Infrastructure of the commodity market
  • Logistics
  • Logistics management
  • Marketing Innovations
  • Marketing of an industrial enterprise
  • Global Economy
  • Planning of enterprise activity
  • Marketing pricing policy
  • Behavior of consumers
  • Commercial activity of intermediary enterprises
  • Commodity Innovation Policy
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing services
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Distribution Policy
  • Marketing Commodity Policy