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In USUCT foreign languages ​​have been taught since the beginning of its work. Initially, a cabinet of foreign languages ​​was created, which later turned into a department. A.M. Ahroskin became the first head of the Department. He used to be an engineer in education who worked as a teacher of the German language. In the 30’s and the first years after the war, the Department was headed by A.I. Preikmas, B. B. Ivanitska, S.P. Mikhalchenko, A.K. Huselnikova, B.A. Korotkov.

The teachers of the Department after the lessons, 1976


With the increase in the educational load, the teachers’ staff of the Department expanded. A.P. Kuznetsova V.G. Artiukhova, V.Ya. Korpanova, I.F. Kuzmich, V.E. Kovalenko, E.B. Malkin, Yu.F. Drelevska, M.I. Kniazev began to work at the Department.

In 1952, the Department organized two sections: English and German (the section of German also had a subsection of the French language). From 1960-1968, the Department was headed by G.A. Sobolevska, and it was replenished by teachers: M.I. Ostapchenko, L.V. Chernyshova, A.I. Dronina, M.A. Liashenko, D.P. Veselova, and others.

Significantly increased methodological work in this period. Along with the teaching aids, foreign languages ​​were also taught with the use of specialized methodological developments, which were issued over 40. The Department prepared a collection of texts for reading in English, German and French. Associate Professor A.P. Kuznetsova and teacher N.P. Groshina prepared and published the “The Book for reading on chemistry in English”, A.P. Kuznetsova and M.Ya. Lyashenko – “The Book for reading in English for mechanical students “.

In 1962, a classroom of foreign languages ​​was created at the Department. It was headed by a teacher of English B.M. Zlobin. In the cabinet, there were catalogs of literature on the theory and methods of teaching; used sound recording and sound reproducing equipment. In 1961, a group of international friendship was created at the Department. The research work of the Department was reflected in the defense of the candidate’s dissertations by the teachers V.I. Artiukhova and A.P. Kuznetsova in 1965-1966.

In 1968, a candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor V.I. Arutiukha became the head of the Department, and in 1978, it was the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor N.M. Petrenko. In the 80’s the composition of the Department consisted of 26 teachers, including candidates of philological sciences, associate professors A.D. Horban, T.V. Starodubtseva, S.P. Kozhushko, V.I. Artiukhova, A.P. Kuznetsova. Over the years, 45 methodical developments in English, 15 in German, and 12 in French have been published. A student bureau of translations was created, in which students used their knowledge of a foreign language in practice.

From 1994 to 1995, the Department was headed by the doctor of philological sciences, professor A.Ya. Aleksieiev, and from 1995 to 2017 the Department was headed by senior lecturer A.S. Mikhailova. Now, Associate Professor, Ph.D., O.V. Savchenko heads the Department of Foreign Languages at SHEI USUCT.

O.V. Savchenko, Associate Professor, Ph.D. heads the Department of Foreign Languages at SHEI USUCT since 2018

Nowadays, the Department continues the teaching and methodical work. Every year Olympiads, conferences, competitions for the Best Teacher are held. Today, there is one candidate of philological sciences, one associate professor, 5 senior teachers, and a lab assistant at the Department.