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Increasing the level of knowledge of our students is the constant work of the Department. Annual courses in spoken and business English, French and German improve the level of knowledge of our students.

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​has long and fruitful cooperation with the Pre-university Department for Foreigners. Teachers of the Department help foreign entrants and students acquire Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​for successful study at SHEI USUCT and other higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Students of the Pre-university Department for Foreigners

Annually the library of the Department is replenished with a collection of methodical literature, developed by our teachers.

Every year students’ olympiads in English, French and German are conducted at the Department among our students. It serves as the first stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in these foreign languages among the students of non-English high schools. The winner of the University Olympiad continues to defend its honor in the second stage, which is conducted in different HEIs of Ukraine.

A.S. Mikhailova with her students while studying German

At present, the focus of the staff of the Department is the issue of psychological and pedagogical ways to increase the effectiveness of the educational process. The staff of the Department of Foreign Languages pays considerable attention to the search for new technologies of teaching a foreign language. Teachers take part in conferences, symposiums on the subject.

Educative work among students occupies a significant place in the work of the Department: organization of meetings, additional classes with students, visiting of interesting places.