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Training of specialists in the specialty “Information Control Systems and Technologies” at the educational-qualification levels of bachelor and specialist has been carried out at SHEI USUCT since 1999.

From 1999 to 2009, training of specialists was carried out by teachers of the Department of Information Technologies and Cybernetics of the Mechanical Faculty. According to the decree of the Rector № 235 dated July 14, 2009, on the consolidation of specialties, at that time the training was carried out by the Department of Computer Technologies and Higher Mathematics of the Faculty of Biotechnology, Computer Science and Engineering, which was based on the Department of Higher Mathematics and the Department information technology and cybernetics. In 2011, the specialty was licensed to the master’s degree level.

In  2014, the Department was separated and finally changed its name into “Information systems”.

The head of the Department is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor D.H. Zelentsov, specialist in mathematical modeling, numerical methods, mathematical programming, author of more than 150 printed scientific publications, 2 monographs and 5 certificates for the registration of copyrights to a work (software product).

The basic directions of scientific activity of teachers of the graduation Department of information systems:

  1. mathematical modeling and research of physical and chemical processes in the elements of equipment of chemical production;
  2. development of intellectual information systems, in particular – in systems of distance education;
  3. research in the field of methods of nonlinear mathematical programming;
  4. development of numerical methods with application of artificial intelligence models.

Scientific directions at the department are headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor D.H Zelentsov.

At the Department on an ongoing basis works the inter-university scientific seminar “Mathematical modeling and optimization of complex systems”. Scientific supervisor of the seminar – D.Sc., professor D.H Zelentsov.

The theme of the research work of the teachers of the Department – “Application of information technologies in the modeling of complex nonlinear systems” (but the number of state registration 0110U002991).

The professors of the Department carry out scientific guidance by postgraduate students and applicants. Over the past 10 years, the teachers of the Department defended 7 candidate and 2 doctoral dissertations, including 6 candidate and 1 doctoral dissertations – under the direction of professor D.H.Zelentsov

The teachers of the Department (teacher Volynets N.S., Senior lecturer Rogoz B.Ye.) with the participation of students developed sites (,, where entrants have the opportunity to receive information on specialty , and students – information about the disciplines that are studying, and to know everything about the diploma.

A graduate of the Department in 2012, M.M. Babeshchuk developed and implemented the information system of distance learning of students in the discipline “Theory of algorithms”

A graduate of 2012, I.V. Kuzmenko developed and implemented the information system for calculating the planned and actual loading of the faculty staff at the Department of the IS, which greatly simplified the work of the academic secretary of the department when calculating the teachers’ load.

Since 2015, the annual scientific and technical conference “Computer simulation and optimization of complex systems” is held at the Department of Information Systems.