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The training of engineers for the means of control and automatic control of technological processes of chemical technology started at the Institute of Chemical Technology in 1956 at the Department of General Chemical Technology. The teaching process was provided by associate professors: M. B. Cartsinel and M.M. Maltsev, as well as senior teacher N.S. Yankovska.

In 1959, the training of specialists was transferred to a separate Department of automation of production processes. The first head of the Department was a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor G.I. Sypchenko, who headed it until 1966. Subsequently, the Department was headed by candidates of technical sciences, associate professors: M. B. Cartsinel (1966-1968), M.M. Maltsev (1968-1976), V.P. Volosnikov (1976-1982), V.Ya. Tryshkin (1982-2001), O.P. Mysov (2001-2016), Yu. K. Taranenko (2016-2018). Since 2018, the Department is headed by candidate of technical sciences, associate professor O.P. Mysov.

G.I. Sypchenko (1959 – 1966)

M.B.Carcineol (1966 – 1968)

M.M. Maltsev (1968 – 1976)

V.Ya. Trishkin (1982 – 2001)

O.P. Mysov (2001 – 2016)

Yu.K. Taranenko (since 2016)

Since the beginning of education at the Department, the main focus has been on two main areas of activity: methodological provision of the disciplines being taught, and scientific research on the problems of automation of chemical and technological processes.

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The Department carries out training of specialists in two specialties: “Automated control of technological processes” and since 1996 – “Metrology and measuring equipment”. The second specialty is connected with the rapid increase of the information component of automated control systems of technological processes, the emergence of high-precision and reliable methods and technical means of measurements, the introduction of computer facilities for measurement and control.During the years of its existence the Department has prepared several thousand specialists in the field of automation and measuring equipment.

Since October 2018, the Department of metrology and Software Quality Control has been separated into the independent structural subdivision.

The educational process of the disciplines of the Department is carried out by 1 professor, 9 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer and 2 assistants.

The Department is equipped with modern means of microprocessor and measuring equipment, has 2 computer classes and 6 equipped laboratories.

The staff and graduates of the Department defended 35 candidate and 6 doctoral dissertations. Among them P.G. Soroka –  Head of the Department at SHEI USUCT, V.Z. Barsukov – Head of the Department of the National University of Technology and Design (Kyiv), V.I. Lisogor – Head of the Department of the Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute, B.A. Blues – Head of the Department of IGTM (Dnipropetrovsk), I.G. Nesterov – the general director of Skloplastik.