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About the city of Dnipro

Dnipro –  is a leading business, industrial, scientific and cultural center of Southeast Ukraine.

The official date of the city’s foundation is 1776. The city was erected on the lands of the ancient Zaporizhzhya settlements and was named after the Russian Empress Catherine II. Yekaterinoslav was conceived as the “southern capital” of the Russian Empire and was built on the projects of architects C. Herua and I. Starov. At the end of the nineteenth century. Yekaterinoslav turned into a powerful industrial city thanks to the opening of the ore and the construction of the railway, initiated by a local citizen AN. Paul. In 1926, the city was renamed Dnipropetrovsk , in 2016 – Dnipro .

Dnipro – the center of metallurgical, machine-building, mining, fuel and chemical industries. Now in the city there are 3.5 thousand enterprises, institutions and organizations.

Dnipro – the cosmic capital of Ukraine: The State Enterprise «Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov» and ” Yuzhnoye “CB participate in the implementation of the Sea Launch program (it is being implemented by an international consortium consisting of the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Norway).

In Dnipro, there are central offices and regional branches of almost 40 large state and private banks, many insurance and other domestic and foreign campaigns. Successful foreign economic activity connects the city and the region with almost 130 countries of the world. The city has two railway stations, an international airport, a river port, and two bus terminals.

Dnipro – the 4 largest city in Ukraine, in which a million inhabitants live.

The city has a very developed education, culture and art:

  • 15 higher educational institutions, among them seven universities, six academies, two institutes, and 24 technical colleges;
  • 9 theaters, Philharmonic, House of Organ and Chamber Music;
  • 2 public and 37 public museums. Dnipropetrovsk National Historical Museum named after D. Yavornytskyi is one of the oldest in Ukraine (1849).

The embankment, 23 km long, is the favorite place for walks of the city’s inhabitants, and the legendary Monastirsky Island is a romantic corner of the metropolis.

Ancient buildings are located in the historical part of the city – October Square and in the park after Shevchenko: Transfiguration Cathedral and Potemkin Palace.

In the vicinity of the city, there are three land fortresses, the most famous of which is the Polish fortress Kodak, as well as the ancient settlement of pilots – Pilot Kam’yanka.