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1  Regulations of SHEI USUCT

Collective agreement

2.1 Amendments to the collective agreement

3 Regulations on collegiate bodies and their staff

3.1 Regulations on the Scientific Council

3.1.1 Regulations of the Academic Council

3.1.2 The order of assignment of scientific titles to scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers

 3.1.3 Protocols of the Scientific Council meeting

3.1.4 Decision of the Scientific Council

3.2 Regulations on Humanitarian Education Council

3.3 Regulations on Scientific and Methodological Council

4 Regulations on structural units

4.1 Faculty Regulations

4.2Department regulations

5 Documents related to the organization of the educational process

5.1 Regulations on the organization of the educational process

5.2 Results of the annual evaluation of higher education applicants, scientific-pedagogical  and pedagogical staff of the higher education institution (including regulations on its conduction)

5.2.1 Regulations on the organization of the rectorial control of the quality of education

5.2.2 The procedure for applying the rating system for evaluating the activity of departments and faculties

5.2.3 The procedure for applying the rating system for evaluating the activity of Scientific and Pedagogical staff

5.3 Provisions and procedure for transfer of persons studying on a contractual basis to vacant places of study under the state order in the SHEI USUCT

5.4 Regulations and procedure for setting up and organizing the work of the examination board

5.5 Regulations on the procedure and conditions for electing students of elective subjects

5.6 Regulations on scholarship commissions

5.7 Rules for the appointment of academic scholarships

5.8 Regulations for the assignment of scholarships to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students

5.9 Regulations on the procedure for the preparation of documents on higher education

Competitive selection recommendations

6.1 Regulations on the election and acceptance of scientific and pedagogical staff

6.2 Competition for the replacement of vacant teaching staff positions

7  Student self-government regulations

7.1 Excerpt from the protocol number 5 of the meeting of the Academic Council of the University of June 16, 2016 “On approval of the scheme of distribution of funds for the financing of student self-government of the SHEI USUCT

8 Regulations on training and internships of scientific and pedagogical staff

Report on the fulfillment of the contract of the Rector of the SHEI USUCT

10 Regulations on the Student Scientific Society

11 Information list of printed materials for the university management