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address: room 224, Naberezhna Peremogy, 40, the city of Dnipro, 49005

tel .: +38 (056) 753-58-60

e-mail: [email protected]

Ilia Ivanovych Nachovnyi

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Olena Mykolaivna Hnatko

Vasylii Hryhorovych Babenko

Anastasia Oleksandrivna Shchiptsova

The faculty trains specialists in  bachelor’s and  master’s degrees in the following fields of knowledge:

Branch of Knowledge: 13 Mechanical Engineering

Specialty:  133 Branch Engineering

Educational programs:

Equipment of chemical manufactures and enterprises of building materials

Energy technology engineer for chemical and petroleum refineries

Branch Engineering of Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries

Computer design and operation of equipment for the processing of polymeric materials

Computer design of industrial equipment

Specialty:  131 Applied Mechanics

Educational program:

Machine Building Technologies

Branch of knowledge: 14 Electrical engineering

Specialty:  144 Heat power engineering

Educational program:

Heat power

Graduating Departments:

– Mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics

– equipment of chemical manufactures

– power engineering

General Departments:

– material science

– Applied Mechanics

– physics

Progress of humanity is not possible without the development of technology. A machinery is machinery and equipment used in a variety of industries. Engineers of mechanics – this is the most widespread profession. These are the specialists who are on the “you” with the technique in everyday life, and in the production. At the mechanical faculty and training of such specialists is carried out.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest faculties at the University: it was founded in the 30’s of the twentieth century. Innovative teaching methods, a high level of qualification of the teaching staff, including 10 professors, doctors of sciences and 34 associate professors, PhDs, form the professional competence of our graduates, who are always in demand at enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.

During the years of existence, the Faculty trained thousands of specialists. The Faculty is proud of its alumni that adorn its history. Among them are prominent organizers and heads of productions, inventors and scientists known in Ukraine and abroad: V.V. Shcherbytsky – Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR, G.M Petrishchev. – Minister of Chemical Industry of the USSR, V.D Parhomenko. – Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Onishchenko O.G. – Rector of the Poltava Technical University, O.A. Pivovarov – Rector of the Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University, N.G Nesterov. – director of the glass-plastic plant (Severodonetsk), O.P. Naumenko – the quality and strategic development of PJSC “Intermicro Delta, Inc.”

The Faculty trains specialists full-time and part-time.

A Lecture

All specialties are licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and have the highest degree of accreditation – IV.

The Faculty trains specialists at the educational and qualification levels of the bachelor and master.

The State Commission for the Protection of Master’s Degrees carefully listens to the reports of masters

The Faculty conducts training for the educational-professional program of the bachelor for a shorter term (2 years) on the basis of the acquired educational qualification level “junior specialist”.

Girls-mechanics are not a miracle! The lathe is not a mixer!

Qualifications of an engineer are mastered not only by boys but also by girls.

Foreign students from countries of near and far abroad study at the Faculty with ease.

The Faculty has a separate educational and laboratory building located on the embankment of the Dnipro River, which is equipped with modern equipment and computer equipment. Along with the building, there is a hostel, which fully provides the needs for the settlement of nonresident students.

Educational and laboratory building of the mechanical faculty

The building has a library with a reading room.

For those who wish to get a driver’s license on the ground floor of the building, an evening school for driver training is in working.

The Faculty introduces the latest technologies of learning with the use of computer technologies.

For better learning Faculty teachers create educational systems annually issued textbooks, monographs, guidelines for implementation of the settlement and the design, course and diploma. In the educational process, electronic testing is widely implemented to control the students’ theoretical knowledge and their practical skills.

In the laboratory of electron microscopic analysis of the Department of Materials Science microstructures and morphologies are conducted.

At Faculty departments, there are research works, for which students of all courses are widely involved.

Conducting laboratory work at the Department of Chemical Production Facilities

The results of scientific researches of students are reflected in the articles, abstracts of reports of different levels of the conference: All-Ukrainian, International, as well as in the awards received at the Olympiads.

The most awaited moment in the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

How do mechanics students spend their free time? There is a dogma on the Faculty – a full and meaningful free time exercise provides students with the forces and inspiration for further mastery of the sciences.

Every year, students of the Faculty of Mechanics take part and often win in one of the most interesting and large-scale cultural events held at the University – in the Student Spring competition.

In the sports complex located next to the Faculty, which is one of the best in the region, students have the opportunity to engage in various sports sections, take part in sports competitions.

Students, together with the staff of the Faculty, have the opportunity to rest in the sports and recreation camp the Oak Grove, which is located in a beautiful place near the village of Orlivshchyna of the Novomoskovsk district. All conditions for active recreation are created in the camp, and you can swim in the nearby the Orel River, compete in jumping into the water, inflate the muscles of your hands, sailing and fishing. Every year in the camp rumors that some of the mechanics students in the river caught a golden fish spread …

Today, the Faculty of Mechanics is a powerful center for the training of mechanical engineers.

We study a machine tool with software control.