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Research, development and introduction into the national economy of Ukraine of new materials and technologies of anticorrosive design are carried out. In this direction, many years ago, the subject-matter of the agreement on the plans of the SRW of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine was fulfilled. The problem of anticorrosive protection of metals is important for the industry of Ukraine at the department. High-speed, environmentally friendly transport-conserving and marking warehouses that have no analogues in Ukraine and CIS countries are developed. On the basis of OJSC “Pivdenne” on the conversion facility experimental and industrial production of new TCS and MS. The industrial introduction of new materials at the leading metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine OJSC “Nizhnedneprovsky Tube Rolling Plant” and OJSC “Dnipropetrovsk Pipe Plant” confirmed their high efficiency. The development of new current technologies for the use of TCS and MS is important. Application of MS by computer graphics allows to provide the marking of rolled products at the level of world quality indicators.

During the years of activity, the Department has prepared 1 doctoral dissertation, 6 candidate’s theses. There were published more than 4 monographs, 280 articles, more than 30 copyright certificates and patents were received.

Teachers and staff of the Department deal with a wide range of problems related to the protection of technical elements, materials of constructions and equipment of various chemical and food industries. The main results of scientific activity are embodied in the works:

Misniankin D.O. Synthesis of oxide-ceramic coatings by plasma-electrolytic oxidation: technology development, properties research. Corrosion and metal protection issues.

Tykha L.S. Kinetics of anodic-spark oxidation and development of technology for obtaining protective coatings.

  • Coulometric method and record of ohmic resistance of electrolyte, Ukrainian chemical journal, 1989.
  • Electronic conductivity of oxides in the process of their anode growth, Electrochemistry, 1993.
  • Investigation of composition and structure of anode-spark coatings on aluminum alloys, Chemistry and Chemical Problems, 2002

Bannyk N.G. Lithium current sources, electrochemical corrosion of metals.

  • Patent for invention No. 81846. A method for producing a cathode for lithium batteries, Ukraine, 2008
  • Investigation of electrochemical processes proceeding on FeS2-electrode in liquid non-aqueous electrolytes, Electrochemistry, 2009
  • Structural and lining materials of electrochemical systems, Manual, 2013

Pavlova K.V. Development and research of fluoride free, boron free light and brightly colored enamels.

  • Patent for invention №102489.Emalevshliker for reception of fluoride free coverings of salad color, Ukraine, 2013.
  • Influence of alkali-earth metal oxides on the properties of non-fluorite boron free enamels, Technological audit and production reserves, 2013
  • Investigation of fluoride free, boron free glasses in the system of Na2O-CaO-TiO2-SiO2 and the production of bright painted enamel coatings on their basis, Problems of chemistry and chemical technology, 2013.

 Naumenko O.P. Investigation of properties of polymeric materials, technologies of manufacturing of products and protective coatings on their basis.

  • Interconnection of structural parameters of elastomeric composite materials under uniaxial static tension, Problems of chemistry and chemical technologies, 2003
  • Riding part of the model of the wheel propulsion with emergency support at the static loading system “support-bus-plane”, Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2015
  • Simply by lawns, bays and reservoirs on pneumatic tires “DNIPROSHINA”, Monograph, Dnieper, 2016