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The Department was founded on June 1, 1986 in order to prepare mechanical engineer, technicians for anti-corrosion protection equipment. The first name of the department was the Department of Chemical Resistance of Materials and Corrosion Protection.

The head of the Department from the very moment of the organization until 2000 was S.P. Vazhenin, associate professor, candidate of technical sciences, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

At the department, the students were studying on the specialty “Equipment for chemical and building materials enterprises”.

In connection with the development of the food industry, there was a need for mechanical engineers in food industry, therefore, since 1996 the Department has been preparing students for the specialty “Equipment for processing and food industries”. The first graduation of specialists in this specialty took place in 2001.

In 2000, the Department of Chemical Resistance of Materials and Corrosion Protection was renamed into the Department of Equipment and Technology of Food Production (order number 169 dated 08.06.2000). Tyshchenko G.P., professor, doctor of technical sciences was appointed head of the new Department.

In different years, the teaching process at the Department was provided by professors Tyshchenko G.P., Pivovarov O.A, associate professors Boiko S.O., Marchenko G.P., Yakovenko O.I., senior lecturers Tataurova T.I., Shvets G.O., assistant Raspin Yu.S. and others.

Since 2013, the acting head of the Department became Dmitrii Misniankin, associate professor, candidate of technical sciences.

Since November 2017, professor, doctor of technical sciences, O.P. Naumenko was appointed Head of the Department.

Today the Department employs its graduates, lecturers Misniankin D.O., Tykha L.S., Kovaliov S.V.

In 2018, the Department opened educational programs that were approved by the Academic Council of 26.04.2018r. No. 3:

  • Food Engineering;
  • Engineering of production facilities;

Engineering of packaging products.