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1930 – the establishment of the Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Chemical Technology (now the State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology”).
1933 – the creation of the Department of equipment of chemical productions – the beginning of the preparation of mechanical engineers on a specialty “Equipment of coke-chemical productions”.
1944 – 1945 – the first postwar academic year of the department. During these years, the staff of the department rebuilt the institute after the war and at the same time provided the graduation of mechanical engineers for the chemical industry.
The 1960s – the Department received special chemical equipment (hydraulic press equipment, pumping and compressor equipment, rolling machines, metalworking machines, zone crystallization, and vacuum purification by sublimation) from industry enterprises, which improved the practical part of the training of mechanical engineers of chemical industries.
1965 – the founding of the Department of “Chemical Engineering” (May 4, 1965) – the beginning of training in two specialties: “Chemical Engineering and Apparatus” and “Machines for processing polymeric materials into parts and products.”
The 1970s – creation of a branch research laboratory of reactors and mass transfer devices (GNDL RiMA), on the basis of which the following scientific directions of the Department of ECP were developed:
• combined chemical-technological processes and equipment;
• new composite antifriction materials;
• energy-efficient mass transfer equipment with multiple inversion of interacting phases;
• reaction equipment using recirculation circuits.
The 1980s – a group of employees of the department under the leadership of the candidate of technical sciences of Shkola O.I. received the State Prize of the Republic of Latvia for the project “Apparatus and technological design of the production of feed additives lecithin from plant phosphatide concentrates by extraction.”
1980-2000 – on the basis of the Department of ECP industry conferences were held on the hardware and technological design of the production of chemical reagents and especially pure substances.
1982 – the opening of the research laboratory “Tribology and dynamics of tribotechnical systems”, which provided the results of tribotechnical research of new materials design bureaus and enterprises of the concern “Pivdenmash”. The initiator of the opening of the laboratory and its first head – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Mamon L.I. Currently, the laboratory is headed by a student of Mammon L.I., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Dudka A.M.

1986 – the creation of the department “Chemical resistance of materials and corrosion protection” – HOM and ZK (June 1, 1986) – the beginning of the training of mechanical engineers, specialists in corrosion protection in the specialty “Equipment of chemical production and construction materials” (HOM ). The head of the department from the moment of the organization until 2000 was associate professor, candidate of technical sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine SP Vazhenin.
1989 – areas of training at the Department of “Chemical Engineering” became specializations in the specialty “Equipment of chemical plants and enterprises of building materials.”
1996 – the beginning of the training of students in the specialty “Equipment of processing and food productions” (XV).
1997 – the opening of training of engineering personnel in the specialty – “Technology of Mechanical Engineering”.
1998 – the first graduation of mechanical engineering technologists specializing in “Chemical Engineering and CAD Systems”.

2000 – The Department was renamed into the department “Equipment and technologies of food production” – (order № 169 from 08.06.2000). Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Tishchenko H.P. was appointed the head of the department.
2001 – The first graduation of specialists in the specialty “Equipment for processing and food production”.

2017 – Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of TA Naumenko OP was appointed Head of the Department of ETCP.
2019 – the departments of ECP, MtaIM, ETCP ceased their activities (order of the rector of SHEI USUCT from 01.11.2019 № 21 “On changes in the structure of the university in terms of faculties and departments”), and its research and teaching staff are included in the newly created Department of Innovation Engineering ”, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician TA Naumenko O.P. was appointed Head of the Department.