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During the educational process, students acquire profound knowledge of basic and specialized disciplines, among which:

Bachelor on the basis of complete general secondary education

1 Theory of technical systems 
2 Interchangeability, standardization and technical measurements 
3 Fundamentals of scientific research 
4 Physical chemistry of non-metallic materials 
5 Technological foundations of machine building 
6 Installation diagnostics and repair of equipment 
7 Operation and maintenance of machines 
8 Integrated anti-corrosion protection of equipment 
9 Calculation and design of machines and apparatuses 
10 Hydro – that pneumotransport in the industry 
11 Theory of corrosion of metals 
12 Basics of computer designing 
13 Processes and equipment of food industries 
13 Common technology of food viruses Bioscience and technology of industry 
16 Storage techniques and physical and chemical methods of processing food raw materials
17 Refrigeration machinery and equipment 
18 Fundamentals of industrial construction and sanitary engineering 
19 Refrigeration equipment 
20 Equipment for chemical and silicate industries

Bachelor’s degree on the basis of junior specialist

1 Theory of technical systems 
2 Technological foundations of machine building 
3 Integrated anti-corrosion protection of equipment 
4 Calculation and designing of machines and apparatuses 
5 Hydraulic and pneumatic transport in industry 
6 Theory of corrosion of metals 
7 Systems of automated designing 
8 Introduction to specialty


1 Anticorrosion protection of equipment 
2 Testing materials and coatings 
3 Special protective coatings in industry 
4 Equipment for the performance of anticorrosive work 
5 Electrochemical methods of protecting metals from corrosion 
6 Special food technology and equipment

Students studying at the Department take part in scientific conferences, competitions, Olympiads, where for many years demonstrate a high level of training.

Careful attitude and professionalism of teaching create a relaxed atmosphere in the learning process

Students have the opportunity to realize their creative potential in KVN competitions, the Student Spring

Uncover sports ability or become a cohort of technical support and providing festive, solemn and other events

Employment of graduates:

Almost 100% of the graduates of the Department have been employed, most of them are employed on the leading enterprises. Such as confectionery factories; sugar, bakery, wine-making, breweries, distilleries; food concentrates combinations; refrigerating and freezing and fish processing plants; firms producing and selling food products and food equipment; trading and refrigeration equipment companies; research institutes and design bureaus for the development of new food equipment; firms of various technical purposes and others.

In general, the geography of enterprises, where the graduates of the Department are arranged and employed, is quite extensive and covers the entire Eastern, Central and Southern Ukraine.

Our graduates:

Semenchenko G. B. – Head of the Department of Sanatorium and Resort Facilities, Ph.D.

Leschenko M.V. – chairman of the committee on family and youth of the Leninsky district of the city of Dnipro

Ostapets V. Ya. – Chief Engineer of the Dnipro Beer Factory

Ermakova O.P. – Ph.D., leading specialist of Mirgorodsky mineral water plant

Temenko G. M. – Head of the shop at Gubinishi sugar plant

Shmel’kov V.V. – the head of the shop of the soda factory in the city of Armyansk

Vitushevich A.B. – deputy General Director of JSC “Stirol” in Gorlovka city

Tiha L.V. – Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Physics and OTKH

Kovaliov V.O. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of OTKH

Ivanova M.V. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics of Industry

Komarova K.V. – candidate of economic sciences, associate professor of financial academy

Zhuravel V.V. – assistant, scientific secretary of the department of marketing

Misnyankin D.O. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Acting Head of the Department of Otchv

Gordienko V.O. – post-graduate student of the department of FH

Radul A.A. – Postgraduate student of the Department of CTVM