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The Department of Industrial Economics and Organization of Production constantly conducts research work. Professor-teaching staff of the Department performed from January 2011 to December 2015 a research work (RW) “Improvement of the activity of industrial enterprises on the basis of increasing their competitiveness” (state registration number 0111U008605). The basis for the work – an extract from the protocol number 7 session of the department of EP and OB from 23.12.2010. and the order №764-v from 27.09.2011. “On the implementation of scientific research works of teachers (second half of the working day) in 2011”, SHEI USUCT.

Industrial production is the foundation of the economy, the main source of value added and the formation of the state budget. Industrial enterprises are most integrated into the international division of labor and determine the specialization of Ukraine in the foreign market. The economic security of Ukraine depends on the economic efficiency of the functioning of industrial enterprises and directly on their level of competitiveness. The issue of ensuring the competitiveness of industrial enterprises in the current conditions of economic globalization is a pressing national economic problem. Nevertheless, there are almost no visible shifts in the direction of increasing the competitiveness of industrial enterprises. So, according to the global competitiveness of national economies, calculated according to the methodology of the World Economic Forum, the competitiveness index of Ukraine in recent years has been steadily declining, being in the 9th top ten of 120 countries. Such low competitiveness of Ukraine’s economy with high industrial and scientific potential of the state raises the need for a deep analysis of the efficiency of the use of industrial resources and the competitive advantages of industrial enterprises.

The purpose of the presented work was to find reserves for improving the performance of industrial enterprises and increase their efficiency in solving the problem of managing their competitiveness. To achieve this goal, the following tasks had to be done:

  • to study modern factors of formation of competitiveness of industrial enterprises;
  • to identify the priority components of the innovative potential of a modern enterprise in order to effectively manage it;
  • to evaluate the influence of the external environment (innovative infrastructure of the economy) on the innovative potential of the enterprise;
  • to develop recommendations for improving the economic efficiency and competitiveness of industrial enterprises.

During 2011-2015 period, all full-time teachers who at that time worked at the Department took part at the research work.

During the development of this scientific work, three dissertations were defended by the workers of the Department for obtaining the scientific degree of the candidate of economic sciences: the applicant S.O. Fedulova, the applicant T.Tishchenko, the applicant G.Ye.Riabik.

During the implementation of the research work, the conceptual foundations for ensuring the competitiveness of products of industrial production were formulated, according to which the main components of increasing the competitiveness of industrial production products are:

  • increase of the competitiveness of products according to technical parameters (due to substantiation of decisions and provision of appropriate quality of products);
  • increasing the competitiveness of products by economic parameters (by identifying production reserves and obtaining additional profit).

The basic objects of development of modern administrative decisions for industrial enterprises are substantiated:

  • technical innovations, implementation of which will ensure the growth of production volumes, economical use of natural resources and improve the quality of products;
  • industrial forms of business organization and economic activity;
  • labor resources or “human capital of an enterprise”, the value of which is estimated using the correction coefficients of all expected labor income;
  • the standardization of labor, which is proposed to carry out grading, which will make the system of motivation clear and transparent for employees.

It has been proved that the search and development of managerial decisions to improve the competitiveness of industrial enterprises is effectively carried out in the conditions of the developed innovation infrastructure of the economy. It is anticipated that with the implementation of the state policy of decentralization of power, regional governance will be intensified. The use of a cluster approach for the formation of a regional innovation system with the aim of obtaining the synergistic effect of enterprises and organizations that are part of it is proposed.

It has been shown that statistical observation on the innovation activity of industrial enterprises and accounting is considered a prerequisite for the provision of information support for their competitiveness.

The method of hierarchy analysis is proposed as a perspective method for assessing the priority of indicators of innovation potential of industrial enterprises. This method allows us to present a process of structuring indicators that characterize the innovative potential of industrial enterprises as a holistic hierarchy.

The approaches to developing a strategy for managing the competitiveness of enterprises of processing industries with an orientation on their own resources and internal reserves of business entities are recommended. Such a strategy will be in the innovative development of the industrial enterprise, when the principle of maximum satisfaction of consumers needs and ensuring sustainable growth of competitiveness, and not only the maximum realization of the possibilities of the manufacturer.

It is noted that the use of mathematical methods and models in economic research allows to reasonably approach the problem of choosing the criterion of economic efficiency. This problem is associated with the formation of a holistic mechanism for the functioning of the economic system, which combines the material and technical conditions of production and takes into account the hierarchy of the control system with the mechanisms of regulation.

The results of the development of each of the performers published them in the form of abstracts at scientific conferences, in the form of articles in specialized and professional publications, in collective monographs.

In general, the results of the study are proposed to be implemented in the following spheres of social production:

  • research and experimental development in the field of social sciences and humanities: for expanding the methodology of scientific research and enriching their information base;
  • processing industry: for effective management of enterprises, increase their economic efficiency and competitiveness;
  • higher education: for improving methods of teaching professionally oriented disciplines and updating lecture courses;
  • public administration and regulation of economic activity: for the adoption of an effective economic strategy for the development of the country and the development of appropriate industrial, regulatory and innovation policies.

Since January 2016 to December 2018, the implementation of the state budget scientific research work: “Research of theoretical and practical aspects of ensuring the competitiveness of industrial enterprises and their associations in the conditions of a transformational economy” was approved. State registration number: 0116U000018.

   Expected results:

  1. conceptual foundations of the theory of business associations;
  2. methodological principles of calculation and evaluation of the competitiveness index of an industrial enterprise;
  3. methodology of substantiation of economic expediency of formation by industrial enterprises of enterprise associations.

The Department pays much attention to the research work of students. Every year, a significant number of economists participate in Olympiads, contests and scientific conferences with topical reports and abstracts. Talented students have the opportunity to continue their postgraduate studies.

The basic enterprises of the department are OJSC Dniproshina, OJSC Dnipropetrovs’k paint and varnish plant (OJSC DLFZ), OJSC DniproAzot, OJSC Dnipropolimermash.

At the base plants and other factories, all types of practicing are carried out. The main specialists of the basic enterprises give lectures for students, the subjects of term and diploma projects are agreed with them.

Research work is carried out by lecturers, doctoral students, postgraduate students and applicants of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics, as well as senior students. Within the scientific direction of the Department, the development of methodology, tools and analysis of theoretical and applied aspects of modeling of economic processes taking into account uncertainty. In the process of scientific work the department’s staff pays attention to such peculiarities of economic systems as non-linearity, chaos, ability to self-organize, etc. Studies are carried out for most sectors of the economy and types of economic activity, and a number of the results are implemented in practical activities.

The Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics performs research work in the following main areas:

  1. “Simulation of competitiveness of industrial enterprises of the chemical industry of Ukraine” (state registration number 0114U002804) (01.01.2014-31.12.2018).

Head – Head cath., doctor of Sciences, associate professor Vitalina Vitaliievna Komirna

Responsible Performer – cand., of ec. sc., associate professor Svitlana Oleksandrivna Fiedulova

  1. “Organizational and Economic Mechanism for Sustainable Development of Regions” (state registration number 0116U001713) (01.01.2016-31.12.2017)

Head – Head cath., doctor ec. sciences, associate professor Vitalina Vitalievna Komirna

Responsible Performer – Candidate of Science Sciences, associate professor Fedulova Svitlana Oleksandrivna

 The most current monographs and teaching aids for teachers, doctoral students and candidates of the department:

Collective monographs:

1. Komirna VV Modeling the risks of socio-economic development of the region in a decentralized environment / V.V. Komirna, V.I. Dubnitsky, І.І. Strelchenko, S.O. Fedulova // Collective monogr. “Applied Aspects of Modeling Socio-Economic Systems”, p. Ed. VS Ponomarenko, T.S. Klebanova – Berdiansk: ed. Tkachuk A., 2015. – 512 pp. – [p.194-253].

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Monographs and tutorials:

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International scientific and practical conference “Modern problems of economy and management of enterprises of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration”, Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine), State University “UDKhTU”, April 21-22, 2016

From 1.09.2016, the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics opened the postgraduate study on the specialty 051 – “Economics”, specialization “Development of Productive Forces and Regional Economics” with a licensed volume of 15 people full-time training forms and 15 persons of correspondence form of training under the direction of D.e. professor academician AENU Dubnitskyi V.I.

Today, three postgraduate students are studying at the postgraduate studies:

Lurie K.V., the theme of the dissertation: “Economic and legal regulation of decentralization processes in the conditions of old-industrial renaiss of Ukraine”

Hunchenko I.Yu., the theme of the dissertation: “Creation of the material basis of local self-government in the conditions of the process of decentralization of the region”

Drobot S.A., theme of the dissertation: “Economic and energy security of industrial regions of Ukraine”

Significant work is carried out by the teachers of the Department to attract students to scientific work. In order to get acquainted with new scientific currents and developments in the field of economic modeling, students are constantly involved in international scientific and practical conferences.