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In 2011-2015, the scientists of the Department carried out two state budget research works.

During the research work, “Development of technologies, equipment and control systems in chemical engineering; Material Science of Coatings and Composites “(supervisor of the project O.P. Mysov) the following work was carried out:

  • on the basis of the analysis of the data obtained during the implementation of laboratory experiments, a number of necessary dependencies for the obtaining of photonic crystals have been established;
  • scientific and technical products were created: “A method for the preparation of nanodispersed vanadium dioxide powder”, “Method for the determination of the content of four- and five-valent state of vanadium in oxides in their joint presence” in oxides;
  • the main dependences of the influence of the initial concentrations of reagents and the temperature of the solution were determined upon reaction to the dispersion of the particles of silicon dioxide;
  • the study of the self-assembly process of SiO2 particles was carried out;
  • investigated optical properties of water solutions of vanadium pentoxide in ethanedioic acid in the presence of ammonium hydroxide;
  • An estimation of the accuracy of the determination of the content of vanadium ions V4 + and V5 + was performed on the basis of the concept of uncertainty.

During the research work “Development and Research of Computer Integrated Management Systems” (supervisor of the project, Associate Professor V. Tryshkin) the following work was carried out:

  • developed theoretical principles and practical methods, algorithms and models of analysis and synthesis of CIMS using the concept of uncertainty;
  • proposed and patented new methods of control of technological processes, in particular developed methodological bases of KISI construction with moving distributed control actions;
  • Improved methods of structural and parametric synthesis of regulators with expanded functionality;
  • the composition and parameters of physical and chemical processes of gasoline production for the construction of adequate mathematical models are established;
  • certain compromise solutions in the problems of vector optimization of blast-furnace mode;
  • Investigation of the influence of temperature of the reaction mixture at the inlet of the reactor block of catalytic reforming on the growth of aromatic hydrocarbons in the formulation at the reactor outputs of the block;
  • developed and debugged algorithms and programs for solving problems of analysis and synthesis of highly effective CIMS.

The results for 2011-2015:

  • A textbook with a stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine – “Fundamentals of Computer-Integrated Management”, author G.I. Manco, O.V. Leshchenko
  • Published 3 articles in journals included in the science-computer databases.
  • Published 16 articles in journals included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine.
  • 21 publications were published in the materials of scientific conferences.
  • 10 patents for the invention of Ukraine were obtained.

The research results have been introduced into the educational process and into production.

Three candidate dissertations have been defended on the subject of research work – Chernetskyi Ye.V. (2011), Levchuk I.L. (2013), Shvachka A.I. (2015).

The main direction of the scientific activity of the teachers of the Department is the development and improvement of computer-integrated control systems. Scientific directions at the Department are headed by the doctor of technical sciences, professor Yu.K Taranenko and candidate of technical sciences V.Ya.Tryshkin.

Department of Metrology and Software Quality Control participates in the work of the interuniversity scientific seminar “Mathematical modeling and optimization of complex systems”, which works on a permanent basis. Scientific supervisor of the seminar – D.Sc., professor D.G.Zelentsov.

Since 2015, Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering holds an annual scientific and technical conference “Computer modeling and optimization of complex systems”.

In 2013, Levchuk I.L. defended his dissertation work in the specialty 05.13.07 – Automation of control processes (scientific adviser, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Tryshkin V.Ya.) at the Department.

In 2015, at the Department Shvachka O.I. defended the dissertation work on the specialty 05.16.02 – Metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and special alloys (scientific supervisor, doctor of technical sciences O.V.Borodulin.

In the current academic year, assistant I.G. Kaiun (supervisor of the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor O.P. Misov) is completing his work on the candidate’s dissertation. Assistants Ya.O., Dovhopolyi, A.R. Sheikus work on their candidate theses.

In 2014, the monograph (professional edition) with the participation of the teachers of the Department G.I. Manco, O.V. Leshchenko “Fundamentals of computer-integrated management: a manual” was published.

In 2016, the monograph “Computer Linguistics” came out. The author is Professor Yu.K Taranenko.

In 2017, an application for an international grant called the Turnkey Education’s Environment-Based Learning Center (TEEN) Consortium was submitted. Headed by Yu.K Taranenko.,  performed by O.Yu. Oliynyk.

In 2017, printed manuals: “Methodology for the implementation of the calculation part of diploma projects for students full-time and part-time studies in specialties 151 and 152″ (GI Manco, Yu.K. Taranenko, O.V.Titova), ” Information networks. Modeling and Analysis of Social Networks “(Yu.K. Taranenko, O.Yu.Oliinyk).

Since 2017, the University publishes a collection of scientific works “Computer modeling: analysis, management, optimization”. Teachers of the Department of Computer-Integrated Technologies and Metrology are actively involved in the publication of their research papers on the pages of the collection.

In 2014-2017, the teachers of the Department took part in more than 15 scientific conferences (including international ones), which actively involved both students and postgraduate students. During the reporting period, the Department’s staff published over 90 publications in scientific publications. The scientific work of the Department staff is reflected in scientific publications in the periodical, which is included in the science-based bases, in particular Scopus or the Web of Science Core Collection, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The students of the Department take an active part in student Olympiads on professional disciplines and theory of management, in competitions of student works, in scientific conferences, etc. In March 2017, SHEI “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology ” hosted a final round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on “Web-technology and Web-design”, which was attended by lecturers of the Department of Computer-Integrated Technologies and Metrology.

During the period of 2015-2018, research activities abroad were conducted with the participation of the faculty members, as well as postgraduate students and 3-5 year students:

  • An application for an international grant is provided under the Project “Turnkey Education’s Environment Based onCloud Learning Center” (TEEN) Consortium. Head Yu.K. Taranenko, performer O.Yu.Oliynyk.
  • Oliynyk, DIGITAL FILTER OF KALMANAS ADAPTIVE METHOD OF INCREASING THEACCURACY OF VIBRATION METHOD OFCONTROL “Uncertainty of measurement: scientific, applied, normative and methodical aspects” (UM-2017) (08 September 2017 in Sozopol)
  • A Dovhopolyi., Trishkin V.Y., Shvachka A.I.Modified PID-regulator with additional control action.Proceedings of the XIII International Conference “Strategy of Quality in Industry and Education” (Varna, Bulgaria 5-8 June 2017)
  • Shvachka A., Oliynyk O. Characteristics of the simulation modeling of the thermal regime in the design of the automated control system of the blast furnace. International Conference on Science, Agriculture, Engineering and Management: Conference Proceedings, March 31th, 2017, Munich, Germany: Scientific Public Organization “Professional Science”, 2017
  • Fishbein S.A., Dovgopoliy Y.A., Trishkin V.Y., Shvachka A.I. CALCULATION OPTIMUMSETTINGS PID-ID-REGULATOR BY DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS OF CONTROL OBJECT. Proceedings of the IV International scientific conference “Perspective scientific research”. Morrisville, LuluPress., 2017

Graduates of the Department work in research institutes, state institutions, higher educational establishments, industrial and commercial enterprises of the city of Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk Region. The high quality of the training of specialists is ensured by the high scientific potential of Department’s teachers, their research work, work on theses, postgraduate studies, advanced training, publication of scientific works, participation in scientific seminars and conferences.

Directions of scientific activity:

  1. Complex dynamic processes in nonlinear systems with pulsed influences (S,A, Volkova);
  2. Mathematical modeling of processes in chemical reactors and apparatuses of the KTS (A.A. Chernyshov);
  3. Use of information and computer technologies in the educational process (S.I. Kulikov);
  4. Computer networks (V.I. Bilokin);

Information about Olympiads, clubs, schools.

The Department holds a computer science lecture course for 1-2 year students and introductory lessons in informatics for applicants (university entrants).