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The main areas of scientific activity of the teachers of the Department of Higher Mathematics:

  • mathematical modeling of complex technical systems;
  • modeling of breeding and biological processes.

The theme of the research work of the Department – “Application of mathematical methods in the modeling of complex technical systems”.

In October, 2015 Viktor Isaakovych Olevskyi defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Associate professor Sergii Oleksiiovych Borzov received a scientific degree of the senior lecturer of the Department of higher mathematics and a certificate of the tutor.

With the participation of the senior lecturer V.I Olevskyi, there were published monographs “Mathematical modeling and structural-extrapolation analysis in enrichment problems” (with co-authors P. I. Pilov, A.M. Miltsina, 2010) and “Prognosis of bearing capacity of cylindrical shells with technological imperfections” (2011 co-author A.M. Mil’tsina, 2011).