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Memorandum on cooperation and further social partnership with Cluster of printing industry, publishing houses and digital technologies: Logistic, Service, Quality

On January 12, 2023, a Memorandum of Cooperation and further social partnership was signed between the Public Organization “Cluster of the Printing Industry, Publishing Houses and Digital Technologies “Printing: Logistics, Service, Quality” headed by Natalia Isaeva, and the State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian State Chemist -technological university” in the person of the rector – Kostyantyn Sukhoi with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the functioning of public-private partnership and the competitiveness of the region through the mutual strengthening of education, science and business. The parties discussed the expediency of further cooperation with the aim of achieving both joint statutory tasks and strategic tasks related to the development of human potential through the creation of the Center for Innovative Costs of the Printing Industry of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast on the basis of the research laboratory of paint and printing materials of the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology.


The event was attended by: Doctor of Chemical Sciences, professor, head of the research laboratory of paint and printing materials, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Humanities and Law Olga Sverdlikovska; director of Mental-Print LLC, mentor of the cluster Potapchuk Maksym and key stakeholders, strategic partners of both sides – scientific and pedagogical workers of the Belotserk Institute of Continuing Professional Education “University of Education Management”: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Vocational Education Methodology and Social and Humanitarian Disciplines Olena Yudenkova and senior teacher of the department of learning technologies, labor protection and design Iryna Goncharova.

The parties discussed a detailed roadmap for the implementation of the strategic partnership with the coordination of the interests of all parties.