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Meeting in Minsk: «Water Harmony Eurasia II»

On March 20-23, the meeting of the participants of the International Project CPEA-2011/10002 “Water Harmony – Integration of Education, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (www.waterh.net/en/) took place.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all partner universities: Norwegian University of Natural Sciences (Os, Norway); Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University (Dnipro, Ukraine); National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute” (Kyiv, Ukraine); Cherkasy State Technological University (Cherkasy, Ukraine); Belarusian State Technological University (Minsk, Republic of Belarus); Technical University of Moldova (Kishinev, Republic of Moldova); Southern Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov (Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan); Kyrgyz National University named after J. Balasagin (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic); Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan (Chkalovsk, Republic of Tajikistan); Tajik Technical University named after M.S. Osimi (Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan). In addition, there were representatives of three associate universities: International University SILKWAY (Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan); Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after B.M Yeltsin (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic); National University of Water Management and Nature Management (Rivne, Ukraine).

The meeting was held at the Belarusian State Technological University. The participants of the project were congratulated by the rector of the university, professor Voytov I.V. and pro-rector on scientific work, professor Dormeshkin O. B. who, in their speeches, wished all productive work.

A number of issues were discussed at the meeting: 1) a report on the work done under the project; 2) plan of the work for 2019; 3) prospects for project development in the framework of additional financing.

The reports on the following types of work were heard:

  • Preparation for a summer school in Norway. Summer School Program in Norway in 2019.
  • Purchasing equipment and usage report.
  • Announcements of joint events: conferences, seminars, etc. Engaging partners to participate in joint conferences.
  • A gender aspect report.
  • Final report on the use of funds for improving the English language of the project participants and the needs for the future. Initiatives for improving English language skills of the students.
  • Future of Water Harmony: requests for additional funding and the ENCORE project.
  • Participation in the IWA conference in Sri Lanka.
  • Work on the textbook: translation of the first edition of the textbook, new sections and revision of the first edition, organization of the design and printing of the textbook.
  • Ensuring the quality of teaching materials.
  • Ensuring the quality of education. Organization of access to plagiarism check systems.
  • Content of web pages.
  • Joint management of the MSc and PhD, involving partners to the PhD thesis defense.
  • Joint research, joint publications.
  • Work with Associate Universities and Government Organizations.
  • Development of double diplomas education.
  • Progress by the type of activity.
  • Work Plan 2019.

A part of the reports was a statement of statistical data and did not raise a large number of issues, while others were accompanied by lively discussions. Traditionally, the report on the progress of filling the second edition of the textbook “Chemistry and Water Technology. Water resources management” with new sections and editing old sections aroused much interest. Equally interesting were the reports on participation in the conference of the International Water Association in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and about the experience of operating the system of verification of scientific and student works on plagiarism used in NTUU KPI.

The program of the meeting, successfully organized by the Belarussian counterparts, allowed the participants not only to discuss the working issues of the project, but also to visit several events and excursions. So, on the second day of the meeting, the project participants got acquainted with the exhibition “Water and Heat”, which presented modern equipment and new technical solutions in the field of water treatment and water purification.

Within the framework of the meeting a scientific seminar “Wastewater – a pollutant and resource of the future: management, cleaning, extraction of valuable components and its reuse” was held. The following reports were heard:

  • “Digitalization of the water sector: opportunities in sewage treatment processes”.
  • “Improvement of sewage treatment facilities in the context of a closed-cycle economy”.
  • “Ukrainian Water Reality”.
  • “Minsk treatment plant: experience, introduction of advanced technologies, modernization of facilities to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment”.
  • “Water supply system in Minsk: sources, directions for improving water treatment technology, prospects for improving water quality”.
  • “Removal of phosphorus in sewage treatment and treatment of sediments”.
  • “Purification of production sewage and application of carbamide-formaldehyde resins”.
  • “Obtaining silver nanodispersions and practice of their use.”
  • “Technical solutions for of thermal potential use of heated waste water from power and industrial facilities for plant cultivation”.
  • “Dynamics of distribution of heavy metals in a transboundary river”.

Professor H. Ratnavir (NUEN) spoke about digitalization of the water sector, opportunities in wastewater treatment processes. Professor Astrelin I.M. (NTUU KPI) in his report familiarized participants with Ukrainian water realities. The reports were also made by: Head of the Department of Industrial Ecology BSTU Martsul V.M., Leading Engineer-Technologist of the Minsk Wastewater Treatment Plant Dubovik O. S., Engineer for the Introduction of New Technology and Production Technologies of the “Minskochistvod” of UP “Minskvodokanal” Ahmadiev Yu.I., Assistant Professor of the Department of Industrial Ecology BSTU Sapon E.G., Assistant Professor of the Department of Industrial Ecology, BSTU Dubina O.V., Associate Professor, Department of Technology of Inorganic Substances and Ecology, USCTU, Skiba M.I., Senior Lecturer, Department of Water Management and Operation Hydromelioration NVIHP Pinchuk O. L. Modern methods and equipment for sewage treatment, innovative directions of improving water treatment technologies, prospects for improving water quality were considered.

At the end of the educational activities, the participants of the project meeting visited Minsk treatment plant of the UP “Minskvodokanal”, where they became acquainted with the pilot plant for the investigation of processes of fermentation of sewage sludge and the entire technological scheme, facilities for the treatment of domestic sewage, which ensure the functioning of two million city of Minsk.

An interesting feature of the Minsk meeting was the acquaintance with the participants of another educational project TENOR Living Lab, which is aimed at studing the possibility of using water, nutrients and heat in organic farming on a closed-loop basis (http://tenorproject.eu/). The coordinator of this project, Alla Kucherova, Head of Grant Activities at the National University of Water Management and Nature Management, presented the main concepts of the project and the results of its implementation at the moment. Participants of both projects discussed prospects for possible joint implementation of a number of tasks. At a separate session, the TENOR Living Lab project participants discussed the following working issues:

  • Dialogue with partners on innovative concepts. Submission of a prototype NUWEE.
  • Joint Task Scheduling for Students Engaging in Mobility.
  • Materials for the on-line course.
  • Joint Publications.

Traditionally, everyone could not do without the acquaintance of the project participants with the sights and national colour of the host party. The guests visited the ski base, where the Olympic champions trained, and the magnificent ethnocomplex “Dudutki” (http://www.dudutki.by/), where they became acquainted with traditions and customs, the history of everyday life, crafts and trades in Belarus.

We thanks our colleagues from BSTU for a perfectly organized meeting, interesting excursions and an ocean of positive emotions!