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In 1996, the first group of students entered to receive specialty “Specialized Computer Systems” at Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology.

Features of training specialists in this specialty caused the need to create a separate department.

Therefore, in 1999, the Department of Information Technology and Cybernetics was established at the Faculty of Mechanics at USUCT on the basis of the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics on the initiative of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Mykola Theodosyovych Ohgdansky and professor Yuri Ivanovych Merezhka. The Department was headed by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor MF Ohgansky

The Department received licenses for the training of specialists in the field of “Economic Cybernetics”, “Specialized computer systems” and “Information control systems and technologies“. In these years, the secretary of the Department was a candidate of technical sciences Yevhen Mykolaiovych Logachev, and since 2002 – a senior teacher Svitlana Viktorivna Brasinska.

In 2002-2003, all specialties were accredited according to the educational qualification level of “specialist”. In 2003, the Department obtained a license for the training of masters in the specialty “Specialized computer systems”.

Active participation in the organization of the Department was taken by the deputies of the chair of the department, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Sergii Mikhailovych Zabluda (2002-2006) and candidate of chemical sciences Aleksandr G. Kapitonov (2006-2009).

Professor E.V. was involved in the educational process. Kochura, A.I. Fediakin, G.S. Pashkovskyi, V.P. Poshyvalov, V.M. Korchinsky, O.I. Mikhaliov.

Since 2005, the baton on development of the specialty has been received by the doctor of technical sciences, professor Anatolii Petrovych Alpatov, the head of the system analysis and management department of the Institute of Technical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Space Agency of Ukraine, the head of the informatics section of the Pridniprovsky Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and the sciences of Ukraine, the founder of the Department of Medical Cybernetics and Computer Science of the Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy.

In 2008, on the basis of the Department of Information Technology and Cybernetics, a department of specialized computer systems was set up, which trains bachelors, specialists and masters of the specialty “Computer Engineering” in the specialty “Specialized computer systems”. In 2014, the SCS Department successfully passed the next accreditation of bachelors, specialists and masters and received a corresponding certificate.

From 2010 to 2014, the Department of SCS was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, senior researcher Chumakov Lev Dmitrievich. He had extensive experience in the organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and industry.

Since November, 2015 the department is headed by the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Anatolii Ivanovych Kosolap. He and his students conduct active research in the field of mathematical modeling and optimization of complex systems. The obtained scientific results were reflected in 4 monographs, in which new methods of optimization of complex systems are offered, as well as considerable attention is paid to the development of effective software. A.I. Kosolap participated in more than 40 international scientific conferences, both in Ukraine and abroad, where he reported on new scientific results and exchanged experiences in implementing these results into the educational process. He is a member of the European Operational Research Societies. Considerable attention A.I. Kosolap pays attention to the quality of education and its compliance with the best European and national universities. Each graduate of the Department must master modern methods of modeling complex computer systems, optimize their structure and functioning with the help of modern software.

Mykola Feodosiiovych Ohgdanskyi

Sergii Mykhailovych Zabluda

Oleksandr G. Kapitonov

Anatolii Petrovych Alpatov

Lev Dmytrovych Chumakov

Anatolii Ivanovych Kosolap