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Since 2016, the postgraduate course at the Department of SCS has been opened on the specialty 122 “Computer Science and Information Technologies”, which is preparing future Doctors of Philosophy of Computer Science for 4 years. For this term, postgraduate students study the following subjects:

  • Philosophy
  • Foreign Language
  • Psychology and pedagogy of higher education
  • Planning and organizing the implementation of the SRW

Postgraduate students undergo teaching and teaching practice as well as studying subjects that form professional competencies:

  • Mathematical modeling and optimization of complex computer systems
  • Global Optimization in Computer Systems or Modern Numerical Methods in Computer Systems.

During 4 years postgraduate students conduct research, the results of which are reported at scientific conferences, publish articles and write a dissertation. Postgraduate studies end with the defense of a dissertation in a specialized academic council. The Doctor of Philosophy has great opportunities for employment both in our country and abroad, and in the field of IT-technologies, also a considerable salary.

Information about educational, methodological and information support can be downloaded here.

The department conducts research work in accordance with a comprehensive prospective plan of scientific research. Scientific works have an initiative, search character, they are aimed at solving the actual scientific and technical and socio-economic problems.

According to the order of Dnipropetrovs’k Regional State Treasury, from 2005 a comprehensive research work “Theory and Practice of Economic Calculations and Creation of Information Systems for the Processing of Economic Information” was carried out (state registration number 0105U003975).

The results of this work are used to create a single payment system under the one-banking model, which is an integral part of the state program of development of the treasury. The essence of the program was the creation at the state treasury of a specialized bank to service the state budget funds.

Teachers and students of the Department took direct part in the development of software that was installed in the regional treasury bank.

Another important area is the development and implementation of new information technologies in medical diagnostics. The Dnepropetrovsk Regional Diagnostic Center together with the Department and the Institute of Technical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine developed a remote advisory system using telemedicine technologies. The task of the system – on the basis of satellite communication systems and the Internet, to ensure access of the population to highly-qualified medical care, first of all, in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The SCS Department together with the UkrNII of medical and social problems of disability has initiated an international conference devoted to the implementation of information technologies in medical diagnostics.

Together with the scientists of the Institute of Technical Mechanics, faculty and students of the department investigate the problems of information processing in remote sensing systems of the Earth and take part in the development of software for terrestrial systems of space systems.

From 2009 to2011, a comprehensive research work “Models and methods of intellectualization of analysis and management in critical subject areas in the conditions of limited resources” was carried out at the Department (number of state registration 0109U004373).

The purpose of the work was to develop new mathematical models of intellectual analysis and management in conditions of limited resources; the creation of methods and algorithms for the implementation of such models, as well as the solution of their application problems.

The most critical areas of development of Ukrainian society are identified: modernization of the country’s economy in the context of the global crisis, overcoming of poverty of the population, improvement of the health of people and the environment, reduction of offenses, increase of scientific and technical potential.

A set of mathematical models that are constructed using intelligent technologies and can be applied in solving problems in medicine, preservation of the natural environment, overcoming of emergency situations, in the chemical industry, etc. is developed.

Work was carried out on the improvement of the automated information model on scientific and technical potential, with the help of which it is possible to construct an innovative model of the Ukrainian economy.

The scientific and technical potential should not only ensure the efficient operation of the economic complex of Ukraine, but also advance it to the stage of post-industrial development, which is characterized by information and intellectual technologies.

Within the framework of the topic mathematical models and methods of analysis of processes occurring during the measurement of heavy metal concentrations in sewage are developed.

The mathematical models of a market economy are also developed, with the help of which it is possible to get answers to the new challenges posed by modern life.

From 2012 to 2014, the Department was carrying out a comprehensive research work “Research ways of using information and computer technologies in solving regional problems” (number of state registration 0112U004341). Since 2015, the Department has been conducting research work “Development of mathematical models for evaluating the effectiveness of computer systems”. Expected results: the range of tasks for ensuring the efficiency of functioning of computer systems will be determined; the ways of choosing optimal strategies for operating computer systems will be explored; effective algorithms and models of functioning of computer systems will be developed; ways of using distance learning technologies will be explored.

The research work at the Department is an essential component of the training of future specialists. Together with the scientists of the department, students take part in scientific conferences, which discuss the results of their research.

The new direction of scientific research was initiated by the new head of the Department of SCS A.I. Kosolap, who is developing new methods for optimizing complex systems. He participated in more than 40 international scientific conferences both in Ukraine and abroad, where he presented new scientific results and exchanged experience in implementing these results at the university learning process.

A.I. Kosolap and Panos Pardalos – a major specialist in global optimization (Florida, USA)

A.I. Kosolap and Leo Liberti – a well-known specialist in the field of global optimization from the High School of Polytechnic Paris

A.I. Kosolap and Pierre Hansen are well-known global optimization specialist from Canada

A.I. Kosolap and Volodymyr Demyanov are a specialist in the field of nonsmooth optimization at St. Petersburg University.

The staff of the Вepartment take an active part in the work of the Regional Scientific Seminar of the Pridniprovsky Scientific Center of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “Modern Problems of Management and Modeling of Complex Systems”, head: prof. Ph.D., Mikhalev A.I., NMetAU; Principal Investigators prof., d.f.-m.n. Kohut P.I., DNU and D.Sc., Ph.D. Chumakov LD, USUCT.

The International Youth Forum “Information Technologies in the 21st Century” was held annually from April 2003 on the basis of the department. Since 2003 the permanent international remote scientific-practical conference “Information Technologies and Cybernetics in the Health Care Service 2003” has begun.

In 2011, the Department actively participated in the organization and holding of the scientific conference “Information Technologies in the Management of Complex Systems,” which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of M.K. Yangel. The staff of the Department and students made 16 reports. In October 2011, Professor A.P. Alpatov made a report at the 62nd International Space Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. In July 2009, Professor A.I. Kosolap made a report at the conference “Continuous optimization” in Remagen (Germany), and in 2010 and 2013 – at the Global Optimization conference in Toulouse (France). Since 2015, at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, the annual scientific and technical conference “Computer modeling and optimization of complex systems” has begun, in which the SCS Department takes an active part

In 2002-2014, the following monographs have prepared and published:

  • Pereverzev, ES, Alpatov A.P., and others. “Reliability of technical systems”. Monograph. Dnipropetrovsk, Publishing House “Poorogi”, 2002, 396 s .;
  • Alpatov A.P., Prokopchuk Yu.O. and others. “Hospital Information Systems: Architecture, Models, Solutions”, Dnipropetrovsk, USUCT, 2005, 257 s .;
  • Prokopchuk Yu.O. “Intelligent Medical Systems: Formal-Logical Level”, Dnipropetrovsk, ITM NAS of Ukraine and NSA of Ukraine, 2007, 259 s .;
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  • Kosolap A.I. “Global optimization. Method of exact quadratic regularization “, Dnipropetrovsk, Publishing house of PGASA, 2015, 164 p.