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Difficulties in finding a job. Whose are they?

Within the framework of the Bilateral Program “Educational and Practical Transfer” on November 28, 2018, at the Faculty of Economics,  SHEI USUCT HR-Partner Luxoft Kateryna Bandurovska conducted a lecture for students of economic specialties on “Difficulties in finding a job. Whose are they? “

During the lecture, the invited lecturer considered the practical aspects of employment in the current conditions of functioning of the country’s economy, taking into account the existing challenges in the world regarding the recruitment of employees.

Kateryna paid much attention to the combination of university studies and work, as well as approaches to creating a presentable and effective resume. On her own example, she described the features of choosing the first place of work.

In addition, the issues discussed during the lecture concerned personal characteristics of an individual, which are taken into account by employers when seeking a candidate. In particular, attention was paid to such concepts as flexibility, development of emotional intelligence, expertise, multilateral development, social activity and hobbies.