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  1. The process of neutralizing the sanitary norms of chromium-containing galvanic drains
  2. Technology for the production of highly dispersed silicon dioxide, modified by carbamide formaldehyde polymers
  3. Ecologically safe polymer composite material for anti-friction purposes
  4. Nanopowder powder materials for elements of ceramic fuel cells (Fuel, Sell)
  5. Technology for catching flammable gases for the purpose of producing thermal and electric energy
  6. Heat-resistant composite materials and coatings for friction and sealing units of equipment with rigid operating conditions
  7. Development of heat-resistant nanocomposite materials for tribotechnical purposes for heavy-loaded units of equipment
  8. The device for thin and superfine crushing of a synthetic diamond powder
  9. Plasmochemical local systems of neutralization and decontamination of highly toxic industrial and domestic water environments
  10. The production of biohuman – a biological, environmentally safe growth stimulator of plants
  11. High-energy lithium chemical current sources
  12. Selection of composition of composite mixtures on non-cement binder for filling of mining productions
  13. Development of technology of production of ceramic bricks on the basis of rock-containing materials of coal mining
  14. Wear-resistant ceramic materials with reduced synthesis temperatures
  15. Clinker brick – high-quality and durable facing construction material
  16. Heat-resistant ceramic glass with a reactive structure
  17. Fluorescent non-pigmented light-colored enamel coatings
  18. Technology for the production of non-pigmented light-colored enamel coatings
  19. Technology for the purification of industrial waste water from nonionic oxyethylenic and anionic surfactants, heavy metals and radionuclides, as well as bacteriological contaminants using luminescent electrolysis
  20. Method of processing zircon of Malyshev deposit to obtain zirconium oxychloride and other zirconium-containing compounds
  21. Standard sets of measures of color and color on the basis of glass-enamel coatings
  22. Graphite-phosphate lubricant ВТС-1РГ for processes of hot rolling of metal seamless pipes
  23. Development of technology for the efficient processing of waste rubber industry
  24. Integrated technology of impurity production for electroplating and metal surface treatment
  25. Elastomeric glutinous compositions of cold vulcanization
  26. Processing of waste products of rice production into silicon carbide
  27. Ozone Technology of Plant Reproduction
  28. Technology of utilization of alloys VNZH-90 and VN-8 for the production of tungsten and tungsten carbide powders
  29. Synthetic resins and press materials, phenol-formaldehyde resins lbs-m
  30. Modifier for polyamide and polyamide basalt plasters on its basis
  31. Ionogen materials
  32. Modifier for polypropylene and composite materials based on it
  33. Electrodeposited technology of alloys MOS-8 and OS-12 on the insert of bearings of sliding from electrolytes on the basis of methanesulfonic acid
  34. Technology of manufacturing nanodispersed powders of stabilized zirconium dioxide
  35. Ceramic pigments of wide color gamut
  36. Technology of paving slab and slag blocks production with improved decorative properties and strength on the basis of blast furnace slags
  37. Sodium nitrite for the food industry
  38. Foam glass is a highly effective and durable heat-insulating material
  39. Industrial emulsion explosive Ukrainiint PP-2
  40. Installation of fine grinding of plant materials
  41. Universal highly effective ecologically safe stimulator of plant development FUMAR
  42. Antifrictional polymer coatings based on aromatic polyhedron phenylene for friction and sealing units.
  43. Development of warehouses of glasses and technologies of hot decoration of glassware
  44. Development of glass and glass crystalline coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous metals of various functional purposes
  45. Contact-modular heating system of industrial premises on the basis of immersion apparatus
  46. Non-combustible heat-insulating materials