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Water Harmony Erasmus +

“Water Harmony Erasmus +” project ( aims to harmonize education and pedagogical approaches to higher education in the water sector in ten partner universities from China, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

In order to realize the goal of the project, it is planned to develop six training courses and to improve teaching methods, methodologies and pedagogical approaches taking into account the best practices of leading universities of the world.

The project is funded through the Erasmus + European Higher Education Competence Development Program.


  • Develop educational and pedagogical tools, methods and pedagogical approaches for six educational courses in the field of water treatment.
  • Update the material base of laboratories / equipment, improve the content of laboratory courses and manuals in order to increase the competitiveness of graduates.
  • Develop e-learning modules using the resources created within the framework of the project (on-line courses, presentation materials, etc.).
  • Teach teaching staff to think in terms of consumer education services, creating wider opportunities for graduates’ employment and creating the potential for commercialization of research.
  • Teach teaching staff to take into account the multi-purpose use of resources, including to strengthen cooperation with enterprises.
  • Strengthen entrepreneurship skills in university students and staff as a tool to ensure financial sustainability.
  • Ensure the quality of educational programs, which will facilitate the overdrafting of loans.

Extend the experience of the project implementation among other universities and enterprises, motivating them to take over the results of the project.


SHEI USUCT received the status of a partner of the influential international forum-competition IFSES – International Forum for Science and Engineering Students.

The forum-competition will be held April 18-21, 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico, in the form of protection of scientific or technical projects in front of a representative jury. Students-bachelors, masters and post-graduate students can take part in the forum. Participation is possible in two formats:

On-line protection through the internet; personal participation in the competition-forum.

The official languages ​​of the contest are English and Spanish.

To participate in the forum-competition, you must prepare the project theses and full work (up to 15 pages) in the official language of the competition by January 20, 2016.

Full details of participation in the competition forum are enclosed in the official letter (in English).

For additional information and questions, contact the IFSES official coordinator in Ukraine – associate professo, Vadym Leonidovych Kovalenko

Mob tel. +38 050-955-14-81, +38 098-49-59-69-3.

Works are accepted electronically and sent to the address [email protected].



Do you worry about how to withstand competition in the modern labor market after graduation?

Is there a desire to challenge yourself and gain valuable international experience?

USUCT students have a unique opportunity to receive a diploma of the French university together with the Ukrainian HEI diploma.

A double diploma is an undoubted advantage in job placement, especially when it comes to employment in foreign labor markets. In the modern world, students with double diplomas significantly increase their rating on the labor market not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

Today’s purposeful students have exceptional opportunities to acquire a residence experience in a fundamentally different system of higher education. Knowledge of a foreign language and culture of at least two countries will be a competitive advantage for graduates.

However, not every HEI can boast of double-diploma programs.

Benefits of Double Diploma Project:

  1. Receive a diploma from SHEI USUCT as well as the University of Le Mans (France).
  2. Test yourself in another system of organization of higher education.
  3. Use modern technical equipment at the training laboratory of the French university.
  4. Improve the level of fluency in French.
  5. Get acquainted with French culture, history; learn the customs of the country.
  6. Expand the communication boundaries and enjoy the atmosphere of the historic city of France.
  7. You will live and study in France, that is, to have the opportunity to travel to Europe and look for opportunities for career growth.

A double diploma will provide a world-class education.

The principle of obtaining a double diploma: after successful obtaining a bachelor’s degree, a student has the opportunity to study simultaneously at USUCT and the University of Le Mans (France)

Requirements for candidates – desire and perseverance in achieving the goal

Students of 3-4 years are invited to participate in the program. 1-2 year students can also declare their desire to participate in the program. Knowledge of French at the time of enrollment at the French university is compulsory. In order to improve the level of knowledge of the French language, you can attend a summer internship at the University of Le Mans (France).

Additional questions can be asked to the coordinator of the program Natalia Viktorivna Kondratieva ([email protected])


The program provides USUCT students with two diplomas: Ukrainian and Polish BA and MA. Polish diploma is recognized in the countries of the European Union and beyond.

New opportunities and benefits of studying in the international program:

  1.  Distance education abroad.
  2.  Price – 350 euros per year.
  3.  Educational programs and curricula are synchronized and comparable.
  4.  The training periods and the results of the examinations at the partner university are recognized automatically and credited on the basis of agreements between universities.

Participants of the program gain a variety of positive experiences while staying in the country of the location of the partner university:

  • Study on new modern methodologies and gaining practical skills within the framework of European experience;
  • Attend lectures of experienced professors from Ukrainian and Polish universities;
  • Study in a cross-cultural environment;
  • Participate in student mobility programs;

Studying at a European higher education institution offers additional benefits in terms of employment!

For more information, please contact:

Department of Economics SHEI USUCT (room 405), head of department

Larysa Dmytrivna Harmider

Tel. for information (vayber): 068-855-43-64

E-mail: [email protected]