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Main directions of research of the Department of Biotechnology:

  1. industrial microbiology – biosynthesis of various biologically active substances;
  2. industrial mycology;
  3. study of the influence of natural regulators of plant growth, enzymatic activity of seeds, etc.;
  4. scientific principles of bioconversion of plant waste using the method of vermicultivation in order to obtain biologically active substances;
  5. improvement of technologies for obtaining biotechnology products, research on the process of obtaining biogas and alternative types of energy;
  6. population and molecular genetics, animal selection;
  7. philosophical questions of natural science;
  8. development of technology of production of food and medicines with vermiculture on the basis of HMC;
  9. cell cultivation.

On the basis of the Department of Biotechnology, II, III stages of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on Biotechnology, as well as protection of scientific works of the students of the Small Academy of Sciences of the section “Biotechnology.” The Department staff take part in the International and All-Ukrainian congresses on genetics, biotechnology. The department conducts joint research with leading research institutes of Ukraine, CIS countries, far abroad and industrial enterprises.