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Memorandum on cooperation with the Dnipro Youth Council

On January 12, within the walls of our university, the “Memorandum on cooperation” was signed between the Youth Council of Dnipro, represented by the head of the youth council Kizhner Raphael Igorovych, and the Student Council of the Ukrainian State Chemical and Technological University, represented by the head of the Youth Council, Alyona Vadimovna Hemai.

This Memorandum was the beginning not only of close cooperation, but also of friendship between organizations whose primary goals are:

  • unification and coordination of joint efforts for the development of civil society implementation of joint initiatives invested in the implementation of projects to create conditions for the comprehensive development of youth
  • involving representatives of student self-government in the decision-making process regarding the formation of city policy on issues affecting the lives of young people
  • youth employment organizations
  • representation at the national and regional levels

We thank the Dnipro Youth Council that from today a new horizon of opportunities and development opens up for us. Ahead of us is hard and fruitful work for the future of our students and the city, so we do not waste time and invite everyone to participate in our joint initiatives.