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Students regularly participate in specialized conferences in Ukraine and in the CIS countries, are engaged in scientific research at the Department, take part in the Olympiads. After graduation, they have the right to apply for a postgraduate study. Students engaged in scientific activities take part in various scientific and technical contests.

Olympiad on technical electrochemistry (Dnipropetrovsk, SHEI USUCT, 2010 )

Scientific work of students in the laboratory of Lithium Current Sources and laboratory of Electrochemical Hydrogen-Oxygen Generators. Scientific work is creativity. The results of scientific work are reported by students at scientific conferences and congresses, published in scientific journals.

Students-electrochemists at the scientific and technical conference
(Kyiv, KPI, 2007 )

Poster report of students at the scientific conference (Lviv, 2009 )

In 2008, Vitalii Klokun and Maryna Meshkovych became the winners (2nd place) of the scientific competition of the Ekointelukraina 2008, in Ukraine and the USA. Their names are assigned to individual asteroids.

Laboratory workshop on mathematical modeling of technological processes takes place in the display class.

Lecture for students in the auditorium of the Academic Council.


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The following courses are taught at the Department for the students who receive bachelor's
degree in technological, mechanical and computer specialties:

  • electrical engineering and electronics basics;
  • electrical engineering and electromechanics;
  • electrical engineering, electronics and microprocessor technology;
  • basics of electrical engineering and electronics;
  • general electrical engineering;
  • electrical supply of industrial enterprises;
  • theory of electric and magnetic circles;
  • theory of electrical signals and circles.

Lectures of the Department, who teach the disciplines of Electrical Engineering

While studying in the lecture rooms of the Department, which is located in the mechanical building of the university, students study basic subjects as well as special training. Each academic discipline contains in its composition a theoretical and practical (laboratory) block of classes. All practical classes are held in the laboratories of the Department, equipped with modern electrical equipment and experimental facilities.

The staff of the Department organize and conduct the first round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of technological and mechanical specialties in electrical engineering every year. At the State Olympiads, they occupy leading positions among the students of technological specialties.

Students study characteristics of rectifiers