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address: room 422, 327, avenue Gagarin, 8, the city of Dnipro, 49005

tel .: +38 (0562) 47-05-83

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The Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics prepares specialists for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following fields of knowledge:

Branch of knowledge: 05 Social and behavioral sciences

Specialty: 051 Economics

Educational program:

Economic Cybernetics

Economic security and business intelligence

Students studying in the field of “Economic Cybernetics” receive a system of knowledge on basic economic training and use of mathematical methods and models of analysis, forecasting of economic development of enterprises, markets, countries and regions.

Basic education of masters in conomic cybernetics is provided with economic, mathematical and informational and analytical training, most closely related to the standards of modern education in developed Western countries.

An expert in economic cybernetics can work:

  • a system analyst and risk manager;
  • economists-analysts in banks, insurance companies, advertising agencies, tax inspectorates;
  • economists of large industrial associations;
  • heads of private firms;
  • economists, economic advisers, economic advisers;
  • financial economists, financial analysts;
  • advisers (state authorities).
  • managers, accountants and financiers;
  • project managers;
  • business analysts and data science analysts;
  • engineers and programmers;
  • teachers of HEIs and colleges

The teaching staff of the Department consists of 16 people, including 3 doctors of economic sciences, 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer, 6 teachers, 1 engineer.

Project of professional retraining for the educational program "Economic security and business analytics"

The basis of the project is the professional retraining of the target group for the educational program “Economic security and business analytics” (specialty 051 “Economics”), which is in demand on the labor market of Ukraine.

Economic security and business intelligence is a comprehensive, practically oriented educational program that covers the full range of knowledge required for effective research, modeling, forecasting and optimization of business processes through information technology, the use of statistical tools, and for analytical data analysis, electronic business, risk assessment.

The project executor is the State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology “, which organizes and carries out the professional retraining of the project participants for the chosen program for a period of 10 months, starting from September 1, 2018. The project ends with a graduation work in June. Classes are scheduled in the evening (from 15.00-16.00) and on Saturdays. At the request of the project participants, the training time can be changed.

All participants in vocational retraining must have higher education (not lower than “bachelor”).

As a result of the retraining task, graduates receive a certificate of professional retraining of the state standard (from USUCT)

Under the current conditions, the organization of security of enterprises encompasses, first of all, the fields of administrative, financial, economic, legal relations and interests, and requires specialists from advanced knowledge of economics, management, law.

The estimated cost of training for students of the Secondary School of Economics and Management of USUCT in 2018 is 6500 – 7000 UAH per year (10 months of training).

Approximately the reception of documents will be carried out from July 9, 18 to July 27, 18

With kind regards and sincere hope for further fruitful cooperation.

 Curator of the educational program – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Corresponding Member. AINU

Svitlana Oleksandrivna Fedulova

[email protected]      (067) 775-76-89