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“The Day of the future student”

On April 24, 2019, “The Day of the future student” was held at the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology. The event took place within the framework of the project “From School Program to High Technologies” with the support of the Scientific-Methodological Education Management Center of the Department of Humanitarian Policy at Dnipro City Council.

During the academic year, on the basis of our University, the leading professors and associate professors of the University conducted a course of seminars on topical problems of the present and possible ways of their solution for the teachers of mathematics in the city of Dnipro. This day more than 150 teachers have solemnly received certificates of professional advancement.

Schoolchildren who visited “The Day of the Future Student” attended the Fair of Specialties, where they learned about the existing and demanded specialties, talked with leading lecturers of the departments and were able to get an answer to the actual questions: “What will we study?” and “Where can we work after graduation?”

In the area of robotics, our guests were able to learn about the latest advances in programming, web design and automation of a variety of processes.

On interactive master classes, the pupils were able to get acquainted with the specialties of our University and to be personally engaged into some laboratory workshops. So, at the Faculty of Technology of Inorganic Substances, the students themselves determined the quality of water and learned about the modern methods of its purification. They learned to determine independently the presence of dyes in foodstuffs.

Schoolchildren independently created micropreparations and examined them under a microscope at the Faculty of Organic Substances and Biotechnology.

At the faculty of equipment and technology of glass, ceramics, building materials and food industries the guests were able to make ornamentals of gypsum and ceramics, painted them, and also learned to decorate enamel products. They also found out how coconuts are opened in industry and how foods are packed.

The participants of the event were able to try their forces in computer design, modern computer-aided design thanks to the professional work of the mechanical faculty teachers.

At the Faculty of Technology of High-Molecular Compounds, schoolchildren became familiar with the manufacture of paint and varnish products and rubber, determined the amount of carbohydrates in food products and learned about the effect of enzymes on the splitting of fats. Besides, the future students learned to obtain fragrant water from vegetable raw materials.

Economic quests, business game “I am a boss” and a round table were prepared by the Faculty of Economics. University experts have uncovered the secrets of trademark encryption, the country of the manufacturer by bar code, the study of E-codes of food additives, preservatives, etc.

We hope that this year the students’ family will be replenished by talented boys and girls who will consciously choose their profession and will acquire it under the guidance of teachers from the Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University.