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address: room 202b, Naberezhna Peremohy, 40b, Dnipro city, 49094

tel .: +38 (056) 47-34-16

e-mail: [email protected]

Department of Organic Chemistry was founded in 1925.

Department of Organic Chemistry is a general educational department. The discipline of organic chemistry is taught for students of specialties 161 – chemical technologies and engineering, 226 – pharmacy, 133 – branch engineering, 151 – automation and computer integrated technologies, 181 – food technologies, 162 – biotechnologies and bioengineering, 186 – publishing house and polygraphy, 101 – ecology.

During the academic year, the Department trains about 500 full-time and part-time students.

The staff of the Department includes 2 professors and 3 associate professors.

Training and support staff consists of a head of the laboratory, 2 senior laboratory assistants and an educational master.

Professor O.V. Prossianyk guides the research work of two post-graduate students at the Department.